You may think that running an online business would mean doing a lot of technical work to make your website run.

But the reality is that tools like WordPress and a quality hosting company make running a website incredibly easy.  In fact, I find that the dips and plateaus in my business are usually caused by me spending too much time tweaking the technology I use to podcast and create my website, and not enough time simply recording videos with my cell phone for youtube, opening up a word processor and typing a blog post, or firing up the mic and recording a podcast.

In this episode I want to share with you exactly how you can set up the technology in your business in a simple way so that you can focus on what will actually cause your business to grow–great content.  For my recommendations on a solid technology to run your business on, including my recommended email provider, host, free wordpress plugins, etc, click here.

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Helpful Resources

This episode closely follows step 1 of the “Start Your Blog” series.  Definitely start here if you want to start a new business online.

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