Monetizing with Ads

We talk about RPMs so much, you’d think this was a site about cars. See our ad preferences.

Website Hosting

Oh, hosting.  The most notoriously spammy affiliate link on the internet.  We’ll give it to you straight.

Youtube Tools

Jim gets a little TOOOO excited about camera gear.  This is what we use to make our Youtube videos.

Stock Images

I think we’ve tried just about every stock photo service out there, and this is what we like best.

Outsourcing Writing

You can’t do all the writing yourself and hope to grow a business larger than yourself.

Wordpress Themes

We’ve tested over 100 WordPress themes.  These are our all-time favorites for our income sites.

Wordpress Plugins

Themes and plugins are definitely a matter of personal preference, but these are our favorites.

Email List Provider

Email companies charge WAY too much!  BUT this company has 95% of the features for 1/4 the price.

Podcasting Setup

I love podcasts–at least those with good audio.  Here’s how we make our Project 24 podcasts.

What Would it cost to buy everything on this list?


(Just so you know how many banks you need to rob)


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Monthly subscriptions

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