About Income School

Income School is an internet marketing company that teaches people how to create an internet business through blogging and creating Youtube Channels.  Income School is best known for its popular internet marketing and SEO channel on Youtube

We help people provide well for their families by creating online businesses

Our Story

We bought the domain name Income School in 2013.  The site was incredibly slow to take off.  We’ve started over a dozen sites that we’ve built up to success, Income School was by far the slowest to grow.

Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, friends since high school, started the business after Jim had built a few successful websites and Ricky was an MBA student with entrepreneurial experience.

We started Income School as a podcast and even after a couple years, we could never grow it past about 2,000 downloads per episode.  Eventually, we stopped the podcast and said something like “Ugh.  Let’s just stop this foolishness of trying to help other people learn how to start their own internet business and make money the easy way by just doing internet business ourselves.  Nobody is listening to us.”

In fact, we decided to just sell Income School and be done with it.  We were on a phone call with a business broker and were determined to sell the business.  At the very last possible second, we decided to hold off.  As soon as we hung up the phone from that call, we both had the distinct feeling that we had just dodged a bullet.  As it would turn out, Income School would eventually become a 7 figure per year business.

So, we spent a year or two focused on building niche sites like Camper Report and Dirt Bike Planet.  Every Wednesday we’d get our families together for dinner and then Ricky and Jim would head off to work for an hour.  We made a few Youtube videos sporadically on the Income School Youtube Channel and were surprised when we saw sales to our course coming through, and reporting they found us on Youtube.

Income School didn’t take off until we started focusing on our Youtube channel, and when we did, it we accomplished more in a month than we had in the previous year.

Today, you could fill a sports stadium with the number of people that watch one of our videos on Youtube each day.  We’ve grown Income School beyond just ourselves, with employees and hundreds of customers who have taken our principles and applied them to grow their own businesses.



This map doesn’t show our Project 24 customers who have purchased our course.  We don’t celebrate when someone starts their journey toward earning an income for their family.  We celebrate when they actually succeed.  The map below shows our customers who have at least started earning money by making their first $5 (what we call “pizza day”) from their site.  Some of them have gone on to earn full-time incomes from their sites.
[embed_map post_id="65525" width="100%" height="600px"]


Pontoon Guide

This site was a great example of how a small site done correctly can produce a solid income.  It quickly built up to over $4,000 per month and I sold the site to an investor.


Any time there’s an algorithm update or a significant change in SEO, you’ll get an email with our explanation of it, and how you can take advantage of the change.  We only send the email a few times a year.

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