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The Stupid Fast Blogging Theme Built Just For Content Creators!

Stupid fast with SEO baked in, Acabado is the best theme for a monetized blog.

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More than 10,000 websites are using Acabado to power their blogs and make money.

cook for folks
Cook for Folks
Screenshot of the Embora Pets homepage showing various pet-related articles and images of different animals, including a parakeet, axolotl, poodle, and snake.
Suggested By Locals
A website about fish tank setups, detailing care tips, equipment, and planted aquariums. The homepage features a fish tank with neon tetras and articles on fish tank size, types of filters, and battery backups.
Fish Tank Setups
Camper Reports
Camper Report

What makes Acabado the Perfect Blogging Theme for WordPress?

Stupid Fast

Acabado is designed to achieve a 100 on Google’s Page Speed Insights testing tool—without resorting to AMP. Even with lots of images. Even on mobile.

SEO Built-In

Remember that old SEO plugin you used to use? It probably didn’t do as much as you thought it did. We’ve loaded Acabado with SEO features including Schema.

Clean and Organized

Themes today all tout extensive customizability. Acabado is the opposite. You’ll have your site redesigned in 3 minutes and you can style your pages with Gutenberg.

Mobile First

Every theme nowadays has a responsive mobile design, but even though 65% of your web visitors will likely be on mobile, nearly all themes are still built with the desktop version first.

What do members say?

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Bacioiu Ciprian

After going through P24’s process, in less than two months I have over 6000 views on my new gaming-related blog. It’s not just how you should write your content or target keywords, it’s the little details and the depth of the details. I’m already having more success in two months ...

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Jim H.

At the same time I joined P24, I also signed up for one of its competitors. I tried them both side by side. It did not take me long to figure out that P24 was far superior and the place I wanted to invest my time.

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Project 24 provides the COMPLETE blogging system as advertised. Excellent online video tutorials which are regularly reviewed and updated. Many additional courses that teach best practices for other platforms, and a FANTASTIC online community that is active 24/7. Oh, and a regular member podcast that answers community questions, covers hot ...

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I’ve taken several courses over the years related to online content and affiliate marketing but Project 24 is the one that has given me the best results when it comes to building traffic and making an online income.

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I’ve been a member of P24 since Aug 2020 and the most valuable part of membership program is the P24 community. The people participating in the community hold nothing back – they freely give – information, support, guidance, feedback, and encouragement.

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Peter M.

Project 24 has changed my life. I’m not making hyperbole. I learned I have a capacity to create valuable things for others and actually make money for my family without having to be told how much I’m worth.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing options are simple: renew yearly, every 100 years, or free with your Project24 membership.


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Get access and support for the best blogging theme for WordPress, automatically renewed each year.


One-Century License

Get access and support for the best blogging theme for WordPress, automatically renewed each century.


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