Goodbye Niche Site School, hello Project 24.

Project 24 means we want to give you our game plan to replace your current income with passive niche sites within 24 months.  Register for a webinar below to start.

Watch the Full Project 24 Replay Here

Watch the webinar to learn how about what passive sites have done for us and how we create content that actually earns an income! 

At the end you’ll learn all about Project 24 and how you can take the business model that has worked for us over and over again and use it for yourself.

What's "Project 24"?
“Project 24” means starting an online business with the goal of matching your day-job income within 24 months.  We’ve done it, and we want to help you to do it.  Whether you plan to go full-time as a blogger or not, we know it’s possible to create a tremendous online business in 24 months, and we want to show you our exact game plan for going after it.
How do I get started with Project 24?
The step you need to take now is to use the button above to register for a Project 24 webinar.  It will be worth arranging your schedule to attend.  On the webinar you’ll learn our precise game plan for creating a full-time income from blogging in 24 months.  We’ll also show you our new course, called Project 24.
where is niche site school?
Sleeping with the dodo birds.  Niche Site School has been a tremendously successful product that has helped countless new bloggers to begin their websites.  Project 24 is our new course and… ahem…. it’s about 10 times better.  But project 24 won’t open until March 1, 2018.  Register for the webinar to get all the details.  We’ve spent weeks preparing this webinar to be the most inspiring and informational hour you’ll ever have in learning internet marketing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a current or former Niche Site School customer, we’ll definitely be hooking you up.  Check for an email from us shortly.

Is there anything your lawyer wants you to say?
Here it is: I’ve built multiple successful websites following the recipe that we show in Project 24.  I know it works and can change your life.  However, no business is guaranteed.  Your success depends on your sweat equity and your skill in creating your website.  We’ll help you, but we can’t guarantee anything for you.  Only you can make your success for you.  Results not typical.