Promotional Policy

The Project 24 Community is place for members to interact, learn from, and inspire each other. We want our Community to remain a helpful space where members can come for honest advice and recommendations without ever feeling pitched or spammed with offers.

Unfortunately, in the past, some users have taken advantage of the friendly and trusting nature of many of our members and defrauded them by offering services and not providing the work, or by taking advantage of Income School by taking our work (our processes, trademarks, and techniques) and putting them in their own information products or tools without Income School’s permission.

Your continued use of the Project 24 Community constitutes acceptance of these additional terms.

Promotional Posts

Because we want the Community to not become overly promotional, we established this policy, but also made a way for members to offer helpful services to other members.

We are happy to see many members offering writing services, design services, keyword research services, WordPress work, and other services. These can be valuable services to our Community and we fully support these efforts as long as the marketing is done in a non-spammy way, and in the proper place in the Community. It should be noted that no one should attempt to start a business that is completely reliant on the audience of another person or platform. This type of business is unstable and is most often easily replaceable.

All posts promoting any service or other offering MUST be posted in the Promotions/Networking/Services category of the Community. We want members to be able to create successful businesses offering services, but we don’t want to hurt the experience of others by making the entire Community a pitch-fest, so we’ve created this spot just for these posts, and our members have really appreciated that.

Project 24 members may promote service-based businesses in the Community (when properly categorized), but tools, software and/or information products related to internet marketing may not be promoted or linked to from the Community. We have had issues where competitors have entered our forum and tried to promote themselves to our members, and this obviously is not what our Community is for, nor what our members want when visiting the Community.

Websites for sale should also be posted in the Promotion/Networking/Services category. HOWEVER: Use caution when buying/selling websites, as it typically involves a large transaction which should be handled securely. If you are interested in selling sites, we are often interested in buying sites, fill out the form here, and we will let you know if we are interested.

Private messaging another member or tagging another member to offer a service or promotion without the user’s prior inquiry is not allowed. Members should be free from being constantly pinged by people wanting them to buy stuff.

No post leading to a page designed to capture email addresses may be posted in the Community. Any promotional enticements by public post or private message attempting to send Project 24 users offsite with the intention of generating a contact list of Project 24 membership is also prohibited.

Private Groups and Accountability Groups

Some members find accountability groups extra motivating and we are all for that. In general, informal private groups or accountability groups must be kept small. (No more than 10 members total.) Private groups or accountability groups should never be pushed off the Income School platform unless it is for a Zoom call with the sole purpose of accountability. Attempting to send Project 24 members off of the Income School platform with the intention of starting your own private group or accountability group is prohibited. 

Affiliate Links

We love affiliate marketing, but the Community is designed to be a place where we help and trust one another with advice about our businesses. We can’t do that if members repeatedly post affiliate links, because then new members will never know what is real advice, and what is a sales pitch. Affiliate links are not allowed in general Community posts. If someone asks for your affiliate link, please private message that user individually. Do not publicly share affiliate links or sale offers for the purpose sole purpose of generating sales. All affiliate links shared privately should be identified as such.

Using Income School’s Trademarks In Promotion

Unfortunately, we have become the victim of dozens of individuals per month using our names, pictures, logo, and trademarks in relation to the marketing of products and services that we do NOT endorse. This makes us look bad when customers think they are getting something recommended by us, but in the end have a negative experience. For this reason, we have to make sure our name is only used with our permission.

Income School is a trademark of Income School LLC, a limited liability company headquartered in Star, Idaho. Income School also owns trademarks to the term “Project 24”, “P24”, “Content Warrior”, “Answer Target” and many other unique, trademarked terms that we have created and used in commerce to represent our company and techniques.

We have had repeated issues where individuals created businesses and used our names, logo, and trademarks in the promotion of their service. This gives users the impression that a service or product is endorsed by Income School. Never use any Income School trademark or give the impression that your product or service is related to Income School without prior written approval from Jim Harmer by emailing [email protected].

Individuals seeking to offer a product or service, whether paid or free, may not use any trademarked Income School phrases or terminology in their promotion, advertisement, or name.

These include, but are not limited to: Income School, Project 24, P24, and Content Warrior. Recognize that even our specialized techniques which we have uniquely named may be protected by trademark law such as “Answer Target,” “Post Recipe,” “Inverted Pyramid,” “Source Inversion.” Income School retains all rights to the intellectual property associated with such terms and does not grant usage of their trademarks to anyone without prior written authorization by Jim Harmer.

Using Income School’s Techniques or Work

We have woken up each morning and worked really hard for many years to develop the best techniques and processes for reliably creating successful online businesses. Unfortunately, some people have tried to take our work and pass it off as their own without giving credit to Income School.

Sometimes, individuals have taken our work knowingly in an attempt to steal from us. More commonly, they have learned our extremely unique approach to internet marketing and gained all their knowledge and experience through our methods, and not recognized that our approach is unique to us, and is protectable intellectual property.

This is a violation of the Project 24 Terms of Service. Any Income School processes or methods offered in tools, trainings, videos, software, plugins, or products–whether paid or free–are a violation of our rights. Obviously, no one would want to spend many years of work developing something and then have others take it for their own–even if those taking it are well-intentioned and not realizing what they are doing is wrong.

For this reason, we feel that the best way to protect our work is to only allow services for hire to be promoted (appropriately) in the Community, but tools, software, and information products RELATED TO INTERNET MARKETING may not be promoted in the Community, because it is there where the greatest risk of having our work taken by another individual occurs.

Info products, tools, automations, training processes, and membership groups may NOT be promoted in the Community.

Hiring Services

Any posts looking to hire someone to complete work for you, your site, or your business, in any capacity should also be posted in the Promotions/Networking/Services category. The service you are seeking as well as recommended providers may already be offered in this Community category. If so, there is no need to create a new post. Simply reach out to the member directly.


Failure to adhere to the policy outlined above may result in:

  • Deletion of post(s)
  • Loss of posting privileges
  • Suspension from the Community or Project 24 services
  • Immediate termination without a refund
  • Other disciplinary action as deemed fit

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please direct them to [email protected] .

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