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  1. Hey – I’ve been a fan of a few of your videos…and you appear to be unlike most of the internet money grabbers out there….It appears you really want to help others.

    I started a niche website because I’m “houseless”. I think many people could benefit from my knowledge about urban survival, urban camping, etc. However, I can’t see to get enough traffic and lack the funds to purchase advertising. My mission is to create an affiliate site with products/services I know they may need.

    Can you take a quick look at my website and let me know how I can improve it in order to get organic traffic from google? THANKS.

  2. Hi guys. I have been watching your videos for a while now, and I think I want to buy your 60 day program. The only problem is that I am 15. I have already started on my niche site and I have 3 articles done, each with around 2000 words. So my question is, would you sell your 60 day program to a 15 year old? I am working on it with another 14 year old too.

    I also have two more questions. How long does it take for you to write articles with around 2500 words? And do you do a lot of coding on your website? I have no clue how to do anything with coding on my website.


    1. Hi Will,

      No problem. The course is self-guided and we’re here to answer questions and give you guidance/feedback. So your age isn’t a factor. It’s great that you’re getting started generating income at a young age.

      We don’t do hardly any coding, and none is necessary to get your site going. Over time you’ll pick up a little as you do more and more with websites. But with WordPress, a good theme, and plugins, you won’t hardly ever have a need to do anything.

  3. Just built a new web-site using Adobe Muse. We have not hired a hosting company to do SEO. My question is; does Google automatically search and find content that in turn is exposed to the world wide web or do I need to hire an SEO company such as Go Daddy or Main Street Host to start the process of optimisation?
    We have done some Facebook Ads which have been somewhat successful. If you would be so kind as to look at my site and add your suggestions, it would be much appreciated. Our site is

    1. Hi Lynn,

      That’s one of the biggest issues I have with SEO companies. They make you think that you have to hire them to have your site seen by Google. Actually, Google indexes everything on the web on their own. So you don’t have to hire anyone do to your SEO.

      This is a great informational/sales site for your music and art. I think you’ve done a good job building it to look professional and nice. You could spend years tinkering with it but what you’ve created will do the job. What you need now is to get traffic to it. There are two ways really to do that.

      1. Advertise $$$
      2. Add useful and helpful information that answers people’s questions that they’re likely searching on Google.

      If I google “Lynn Morgan Music” then your website comes up. But it probably won’t ever show up for many other google searches. That is, unless you add some articles to your site that provide information about topics people are searching about. That is the whole concept behind niche websites, which are different from what you’ve built, but the principle of getting traffic to your site is the same.

  4. Just an FYI. I purchased the X Theme that you recommended on one of your blog post. Worst thing I could have purchased and even though I only tried it for about an hour and then totally removed it from my site, Themco refuses to give me a refund. Now I must go through a dispute process with PayPal and deal with all of that. Bad for them and does not look good for you because you recommended them. If you are going to recommend something that cost money please make sure the company you recommend treats customers right.

    1. Hi Preston,

      I’m sorry about your bad experience with Themeco. Our experience has been top notch and we love the theme. But, we’re learning that the theme isn’t perfect for all users. While some people really like it, some really struggle with it. Thanks for your feedback.

  5. I pretty much know how to do all of this except for the legal issues.

    1) Can you the YouTube of others on your niche blog. Since it is clickable to the originator, it is not plagiarism?

    2) Can you use generic product pictures from a company website, or their generic statistics pictures?

    I am sorry I could not edit my previous post. It went out before I could finish it.

    1. 1) You can post youtube videos on your site no matter who posted them originally. It’s completely legal.
      2) You can’t just use product photos from a company website. Those photos belong to that company. You need to get permission, get them through Amazon’s sitestripe, or take your own photos to be completely legal.

  6. Hey Rickey ROCK.

    In order to write terms and policy for podcast website, where can i find legal information,how and what should be impartively written policy and terms?

    I live is Canada and tried several times to ask from Govt representative ,but they dont have answer it neither Lawyers , pretty overwhelming .

  7. Sorry about the 2nd post but I have one more question. We are on a budget and I was wondering aside from the cost of the school, web hosting, and domain name, what other cost are there as the website is being built, as far as plug-ins, different theme’s, and thing else you recommend buying during the 60 day school?

    Thank you

    1. We recommend you get a good theme. The one we like costs $60 one time. Some have an annual cost. You’ll probably spend $50 to $100 on a good theme. We also recommend a good logo which will cost around $130. Both of these things could be put off for a while. You could start with a free theme and no logo and just work on content. Then in another month or two you get a good theme and then when you can you get a logo. That’s how I would do it.

      None of the plugins we recommend will cost you anything. We also point you to a service to get too stock photos, but again, you can skip that for now. There are lots of ways to get photos for your site so if your budget is tight, hold off on buying photos.

  8. Hi Guys,

    I am just curious about something. When you mention that you put 30 articles on a site, how many words per article are they on the average?

  9. Just a friendly email to alert you to a type O on your page. Please note the double C’s in the word CCrowd!
    here is the text as it reads on your web page.

    No podcast is guaranteed to succeed, but I’ve learned the hard way how to make your podcast stand out from the ccrowd Living off an income from podcasts and niche sites is FABULOUS, and I feel confident that this course will give you the information you need to turn your podcast into real income!
    Hope this was of use to you.
    Have a stellar week!
    Douglas Graham

  10. I’ve been thinking about your niche site course. Can you make money with niche sites if you are just into social media.

  11. hey guys Thought provoking content. Thank you

    You make mention of lead player.
    IS this the same as “video profit surge”?
    Is this product still current and relevant?
    Does it have retention info like wistia?

    Im looking at testing, by sending paid traffic. And I don’t like wisita 100/month. But I also, don’t want to get into an outdated cumbersome software. Though the ability to have the controls in wordpress, seems to be bonus! And also looking at building a niche site around the product.

  12. Hi Guys,

    I just recently came across your awesome YouTube channel and I’m already a huge fan! Love the great content from two cool dudes! 🙂 I want to build a portfolio of affiliate niche websites that provide multiples streams of income.

    Here’s what I’m confused on:

    When I click on the Niche Site School link, it looks like an integral part of what I’m purchasing is your consultation for one website niche. My concern is that each and every time I want to build out a new site, I’ll have to re-purchase this consultation, to make sure I’m doing it right.

    I suppose what I’m saying is that I’d rather “learn how to fish than receive a fish”. In other words, I’d rather learn your process for learning how to select a good niche instead of having to purchase a consult each time I want to build out a niche affiliate site. Please let me know if Niche Site School will teach me your process for picking good niches.
    Thanks, guys!

    1. Hi Joe,

      If you purchase Niche Site School you’ll have access to the course content forever, allowing you to build as many sites as you want using our process.

      I understand you’re asking about picking a niche. In the consultation, I really like to go through my thought process as it relates to your ideas. Basically, I like to teach you how to fish. When you fill out the survey, just make a note on it somewhere that you really want to understand why we think what we do about the niche ideas you present and we’ll be sure to do that. In addition, we have a free tutorial at that goes through a lot of our thought process as it relates to picking niches. Between that and one consultation, I think you’ll get a strong idea of how to pick a good niche for the future!

      1. Also, hot off the press, we just added a new feature to Niche Site School! It’s a thorough niche picking guide in addition to a revamped consultation survey. These tools are designed specifically to help you learn how to pick the best niches for future sites.

  13. Hi, I’m commenting today after watching your video on you tube today. I am actually a client/student. I picked a couple of niches after signing up for your course and after researching them I am finding them to be over saturated and I am finding it difficult to get into the “groove/mind-set, zone.” Anything to nail down a starting point on either of these topics. I chose the “How to Automate your Home” niche, and “Staging your Home to Sell It” niche. Alexa or the Echo is kinda not such a novelty any longer. People know how it works and how to operate things and there is A LOT of info on it out there. Hours upon hours of how to do stuff. Also the staging thing ya it could be interesting, but I just cant get started. The thing that’s eating at me, that has my interest is, how do you make a living on You Tube ? This is what I want to specialize in. I want to do it on so many subjects. It’s been eating at me. I see people with so many topics and millions of viewers and I have have ideas/questions on how to do that as a hole business from a to z. Also you stated today that if we commented in any way you would be giving away an entire website on 12-1-17 and we should comment about anything at all, so I am doing that as well.

    1. Hi Jacki. I completely understand where you’re coming from. And I agree that both of those niches may not look as good now as they once did. There’s probably still a lot you could do with Home Automation, especially if you want to talk about home automation for the complete beginner. But you’d have to focus on stuff other than Alexa and Google Home.

      As for making a living on YouTube, it’s actually much the same as niche websites. Your videos should follow the same strategy as your articles. Be specific, helpful, and interesting to watch. You can place links to Amazon products in the video descriptions, place ads on the videos, and link to a website that has more information and possibly some of your own products. YouTube channels can do really well, and are probably more effective if you have a website to back them up. If you think it would be easier for you to get into making videos rather than writing lots of articles, it could be a great way to go.

  14. Hi Brian,

    I listened to your podcast yesterday for the first time, it was on building family connection and loved it. Today I listened to your podcast on the importance of games in learning. I wanted to forward you some resources that have changed my life and parenting approach deeply that you may deem helpful as well. Stuart Brown M.D. has written the book “Play”. In it he sites all the research on the importance of play. He founded the National Institute of Play which researches the actual effects on the brain different categorized types of play (imagination, object manipulation, social, musical etc) have. Also the American Journal of Play at is a quarterly journal that sites findings from play experts.

    I think this will back up with numbers what you and I intuitively know is so important for our kids development.


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