Income School is a small company with a large audience.  Every contributor’s efforts are recognized by the team and our customers.

We’re searching for talented professionals who can take on big tasks alone, as well as becoming part of a collaborative team.

Positions We’re Currently Hiring For…

Young woman recording her video on camera mounted on tripod

YouTube Video Editing Specialist

Posted 1/18/2022: We need someone with a hunger for learning Youtube and applying what they learn to our videos.  They should know at least the basics for how to film and edit a video, but should also really want to be a student of YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing Specialist – Filled

Posted 9/28/2021: We’re looking for someone who can build and grow relationships with the businesses we work with.  At Income School, we have many affiliates who promote our membership program on their sites and YouTube channels.  We also regularly promote products for other businesses on our sites and channels.

WordPress Developer

Posted 1/5/2021: We need an experienced WordPress developer who can create plugins and themes for the many site owners that follow Income School on Youtube and take our course.  You’ll see thousands of people using your creations, and won’t be buried in red tape.

Writing Service Manager – Filled

Posted 04/13/2021: We need a Full-Time Service Manager who wants to make a difference in our company and for our customers through attention to detail and quality-oriented oversight. Someone who has the passion and drive to grow this service far beyond what it is now. 

Online Instruction Coordinator – Filled

Posted 10/10/2020: We need an upbeat, meticulous person to advocate for our paying members. This person’s primary responsibility is to keep our customers happy, and make them successful in their membership. However, this is NOT a customer service role. We already have a customer support person, but this is about improving our course to help our customers

Videographer – Filled

Posted 7/9/2020: We need a talented videographer who can make our Youtube videos stand out.  In addition to video recording and editing, it would be helpful to know Photoshop and audio for podcasting.

Marketing Professional – Filled

Posted 1/2/2020: Income School is currently hiring a marketing professional.  We need someone who can write great marketing copy to encourage our customers via email, improve sales page conversion rates, run ads campaigns, and develop relationships with influencers for our affiliate program.  Direct experience not required, but helpful.

Income School

Income School is an internet marketing company that teaches people how to create an internet business through blogging and creating Youtube Channels.  Income School is best known for its popular internet marketing and SEO channel on Youtube.