UPDATE: All sites sold almost immediately.  We received over 150 offers to buy.  Fear not.  We’ll likely have many more sites for sale in the future as we build up a new portfolio.


  • Avg Pageviews/Month: ~300k
  • Ads Earnings/Month: $8,684
  • Site Established: June 2016
  • Published Posts: 477 (298 are less than one year old)
  • Current Monetization: Basically ads only
  • Low-Hanging Fruit: Info product, affiliate.


  • Pageviews/Month: Up to 80,000
  • Ads Earnings/Month: Up to $1,563
  • Site Established: November 2018
  • Published Posts: 719 and almost all of them have had less than a year to rank.
  • Current Monetization: Ads only
  • Low-Hanging Fruit: Monetization, waiting for the massive amount of content time to rank.


  • Avg Pageviews/Month: Up to 124,000
  • Ads Earnings/Month: Over $2,000
  • Site Established: January 2019
  • Published Posts: 530
  • Current Monetization: Ads only
  • Low-Hanging Fruit: Monetization, waiting for existing content to rank


  • Avg Pageviews/Month: 94,474 (Very consistent traffic)
  • Ads Earnings/Month: $1,019
  • Site EstablishedJuly 2017 (A 2006 domain is forwarded to this one with all its content)
  • Published Posts213 (But 96 are ancient)
  • Current Monetization: Only ads
  • Low-Hanging Fruit: Affiliate, push the info product more


  • Pageviews/Month: Up to 43k (Traffic is spiking upward right now!)
  • Ads Earnings/Month:Not monetized
  • Site Established: November 2018
  • Published Posts: 67
  • Current Monetization: Not monetized
  • Low-Hanging Fruit: Turn on ads and affiliate


  • Avg Pageviews/Month: Up to 12,000
  • Ads Earnings/Month: N/A
  • Site Established: September 2018
  • Published Posts: 163
  • Current Monetization: None
  • Low-Hanging Fruit: Turn on ads, affiliate, E-A-T work


Note: This prospectus contains the wrong screenshots.  We’ll correct this with the buyers who have applied.

How This Sale Works

All of these sites are available for sale right now.  This is not an auction or an invitation for negotiation.  All sites are listed only at an “as-is” price.  We are not accepting lower offers.

If you have the funds in cash (or can get the funds in cash within 7 days), you can click the “Apply to Buy” button.  Clicking this button takes you to a form where you can submit your information. You are not committing to buy the site by clicking “Apply to Buy” but please only proceed if you are sure you want to take the next step, as communicating with buyers will take a significant amount of time for us.

We will contact you for a call where you can ask any questions about the site to fully understand the investment.  

If, after the call, you would like to proceed, then we will send you a contract and go through the verification process to make sure you aren’t going to scam us.  

Then, you’ll send the funds either directly to us for a lower cost site, or through escrow.com until the full transfer of the site is complete.  

We will handle the transfer of the site to your server and ensure you are fully set to go.  Once we are done with that and you approve the transfer, the site is officially owned by you, and we will be able to take the funds.