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All New Business Services For
Content Creators!

Our business services can help business owners everywhere revolutionize their online business. 

Do you need your Affiliate Program set up?

1. Join us for a call

When you purchase this service, we need to gather some initial information to make the process as seamless as possible. This call will help us accomplish this.

2. Choose your network

We set up programs through established networks. There are several to choose from. You will receive information on our top picks. You just decide which one to use.

3. We set up your program

With a network chosen we can set up your program for you. This set up process can take several days or even weeks to accomplish however, we work to get it set up as soon as we can.

4. You take over management

Once your program is set up we will pass ownership over to you and show you the main ways to manage and use the network software that you chose.

Do you need a website created for your business?

We have built several websites for both blog and business owners. 

(Website creation does not include content. Content is the responsibility of the website owner.)

cook for folks
Cook for Folks
Canyon County Symphony
Canyon County Symphony
Terrain Treaders
Terrain Treaders
Camper Reports
Camper Report

Website Creation Pricing


Add-on Features

If you have additional features that don’t fall under these or basic website creation features, we can discuss it further in our call and work out a fair price.

Do you want to learn how to manage your business online?

Our Business course teaches the following topics!

Website Creation

A website is the digital home for your business. Setting one up and doing it properly is a huge part in putting your business online.

Integration with Google

As a tycoon in the online industry, Google is the most important space to register your business with.

Marketing Content

Telling people what your business is about is important but creating blogs and videos about relevant topics can help sell your business even more.

Social Media and Email Marketing

Finally, building an online audience requires upkeep. Social media and email are easy ways to keep your audience aware of what your business is doing.

Business Services

Here are the Services we offer!

Affiliate Program Creation


We will work with you to set up an affiliate program through a professional affiliate network! Then we will show you how to manage it!

Website Creation


If you are in need of a website for your business, schedule a call and we can discuss getting one set up for you!

Business Course

Learn for yourself how to establish your business online!

This course will take you through everything you need to think about when putting your business online.

What do members say?

Black and white photo of a person with glasses and a beard, seated outdoors with arms crossed, wearing a leather jacket.

Bacioiu Ciprian

After going through P24’s process, in less than two months I have over 6000 views on my new gaming-related blog. It’s not just how you should write your content or target keywords, it’s the little details and the depth of the details. I’m already having more success in two months ...

A smiling man in a blue cap and plaid shirt stands with a woman with red hair outdoors.

Jim H.

At the same time I joined P24, I also signed up for one of its competitors. I tried them both side by side. It did not take me long to figure out that P24 was far superior and the place I wanted to invest my time.

A bald man with a beard wearing a red and white checkered shirt is facing the camera with a neutral expression.


Project 24 provides the COMPLETE blogging system as advertised. Excellent online video tutorials which are regularly reviewed and updated. Many additional courses that teach best practices for other platforms, and a FANTASTIC online community that is active 24/7. Oh, and a regular member podcast that answers community questions, covers hot ...

A man squats next to a tan-colored dog, smiling and petting the dog's neck. They are outdoors on a concrete path surrounded by greenery.


I’ve taken several courses over the years related to online content and affiliate marketing but Project 24 is the one that has given me the best results when it comes to building traffic and making an online income.

A man wearing a blue collared shirt smiles at the camera, standing against a plain, light-colored background.


I’ve been a member of P24 since Aug 2020 and the most valuable part of membership program is the P24 community. The people participating in the community hold nothing back – they freely give – information, support, guidance, feedback, and encouragement.

A person with a beard stands in front of a lake with boats and a pier, with a snow-capped mountain and a village in the background.

Peter M.

Project 24 has changed my life. I’m not making hyperbole. I learned I have a capacity to create valuable things for others and actually make money for my family without having to be told how much I’m worth.

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