IMPORTANT:This page contains affiliate links to Bluehost and WPX.  We earn commissions for referring traffic to these sites.  While we are careful to only recommend products we actually use and like, you should know of our relationship with those companies.

Our Top Pick for New Sites: Bluehost

We recommend Bluehost for all new websites which have under 100,000 pageviews/month

Why we recommend Bluehost: We recommend Bluehost as the best host for any new website.  They have the easiest-to-navigate interface of any hosting company we’ve used, their US-based customer support team is knowledgeable and easy to reach, and their plans are CHEAP (plus, if you use our discount link on the left, it’s even cheaper).

We used to get INUNDATED with questions about how to set up WordPress and maintain it for a new site.  On most hosting companies, there are too many confusing settings you have to sort through to set up WordPress.  With Bluehost’s new interface, those issues just VANISHED.  We rarely have anyone ask about setting up WordPress anymore.

What they could do to improve: Bluehost could improve on their speed, but their reliability is top notch.  Nearly every successful site we have EVER built started out on Bluehost.  When the site gets large (over 30,000 pageviews/month) we usually migrate to WPX, but for your first one or two years of blogging, you’ll likely not find anything better than Bluehost.

Compared to the competition: Siteground is SLIGHTLY faster and more scaleable, but the interface is a MESS, uptime is not great, they don’t do a good job with transfers, and it’s slightly more expensive.  We really wanted to like Siteground, but in the end it had too many drawbacks for us.


Our Top Pick for Established Sites: WPX

We recommend WPX for established sites or for those who want freakishly fast hosting

Why we recommend WPX:  Amazingly inexpensive if you have large websites that use a lot of bandwidth, freakishly fast server response times, a clean and easy to use interface, and perfect customer support.  I know, that’s a lot of superlatives, but they really are that good.

It’s a VERY fair price for established sites.  WPEngine’s cost was WAY more than WPX, but the problem is that’s only for established sites.  If you’re a new site, then Bluehost is WAY cheaper.

What they could do to improve: The ONLY thing they aren’t good for is new sites.  Their cheapest plan is 10x the price of Bluehost, so it’s too pricey for most people starting a website with no traffic in the early days.  This has changed, for new or intermediate sites, check out WPX’s Micro Plan here.  It’s far more comparable to Bluehost Pricing.  But if it’s still too much, don’t fret.  It’s easy to start on Bluehost to save the money and then move to WPX once the site is larger.

Compared to the competition: WPEngine is their primary competition, which we found to be PUNITIVELY expensive and we don’t like how they handle DNS.  Orange Geek is a small family business that hosts large sites as well and they are good people and provide a good service but have no cPanel for easy management, so WPX beats them out in my opinion.