Our Pick for Most Sites: Ezoic

Ezoic accepts sites once they have 10,000 sessions per month

Why we picked them:  Ezoic has a really unique approach to advertising.  They actually aren’t an advertising network, but they can hook your site up to those advertising networks and get premium ads on your website with all the technology to run them.  With less of a middle-man, you get really decent RPMS on your site.  Actually, we’ve been VERY impressed with the RPMs we’re seeing on our Ezoic sites.  

The instant your site hits 10,000 visitors per month, it’s time to hit the Ezoic button to the left and get their ads on your site.  It completely depends on your visitors, niche, and site content but you’re likely to see between $14 and $25 per 1,000 pageviews.  It’s on par with what we see from Adthrive.

What they could do to improve: By default, I feel like they show a few TOO many ads on the site, but you can simply ask them to turn it down a bit and they’ll take care of it quickly.

Compared to the competition: The real competition is Mediavine.  If you’re under 30,000 pageviews/month then it’s a simple answer–go with Ezoic as they are the only ones who will accept you.  After 30,000 pageviews, it’s a case-by-case question of whether to go to Mediavine or not.  Right now, from the numbers we’re seeing out of Ezoic, I’d honestly say to just stick with Ezoic.  They are really delivering some great RPMs, but Mediavine is a great service too and it’s a solid option.  There’s really no guarantee that one will be better than the other for you–it depends on the site.  In general, though, our recommendation is to stick with Ezoic until you can get on Adthrive at 100,000 pageviews/month.

The other competition is Google Adsense.  That’s fine to put on a brand new site with basically no traffic, but it will earn pennies.  You’ll see MUCH higher RPMs with Ezoic.  I honestly wouldn’t even bother with ads until a site hits 3,000 visitors per month.

Note: We realize their website says they start accepting sites at 10,000 pageviews/month, but we’ve had many Project 24 members be accepted at 3,000 SESSIONS/month.


Our Pick for Sites with 100k+ Pageviews/Month: Adthrive

Adthrive only approves sites once they reach the 100,000 pageview/month mark

Why we picked them: Adthrive has been fantastic to work with.  Every communication I’ve ever had with them has been a pleasant experience, their RPMs (Revenue per thousand impressions) are unmatched in the industry, and they do a LOT of work to roll out the red carpet for their publishers and make sure you are happy with them.  If you want to know what it’s like working with a company that totally has your back, read this email that I received from them a few months ago.  It’s a perfect example of the kind of people they are.

Another thing is that they’ll periodically email me where it’s obvious that a human being has been checking out my site and ad earnings and they’ll send me suggestions on specifically what I can change on my site to up my RPMs.

What they could do to improve: I just wish they had a way for many of our Project 24 members to access their service at a lower traffic level.  I totally understand why they don’t, but I wish there was a way.  Oh, and why is their logo a tree?  This is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.

Compared to the competition: The primary competition is Mediavine.  In general, we’ve seen higher RPMs on our Adthrive sites but Mediavine is a good company too.  There are rare exceptions where we’ve seen a site do better on Mediavine than Adthrive.  Usually, if you can get on Adthrive, you can know you’re getting top dollar for your ads, but that doesn’t make Mediavine a bad choice.


NOTE: This page contains affiliate links.  We earn commissions for our recommendation to Ezoic.  But no, we won’t let that sway our opinions.  What’s on this page is exactly how we do the ads on our own sites as well.