Why we recommend it: We built Acabado to be everything that a beginning blogger needs. Acabado gives you everything you need while keeping it simple,  it is SEO optimized and best of all, stupid fast.  If you are starting a brand new site,  Acabado is the perfect theme for you. 

Why it might not be for you: Acabado is great for someone who wants a simple, clean site.  If you are wanting to add speacial features to your site, you can, but we do not provide every feature for every circumstance. You will have to do it manually with short codes. Acabado is meant to be simple and fast.

X Theme

Why we recommend it: X Theme is probably the most popular theme amongst Project 24 members.  It’s inexpensive, extremely versatile and customizable, and it is reasonably fast.  Most of our members choose the Ethos 1 stack, which is also my favorite layout with X Theme.  Overall, I think this is one of the best WordPress themes on the market.

What they could do to improve: Over the last 2 years, X Theme has grown increasingly difficult to use.  While many with WordPress experience have no issues in setting it up at all, we have some new people to WordPress who have issues figuring out how to set it up.  I wish they would simplify the theme.



Why we recommend Divi:  In my personal opinion (this is Jim writing), Divi is the best overall theme I’ve ever used.  The pagebuilder on Divi is second to none.  It’s really well done and makes me look like a better web designer than I really am.  Income School uses Divi.

What they could do to improve: The problem with Divi is that, while it’s really capable for making a truly custom-looking site like Income School, it’s not great for just a very simple blog layout.  I really don’t love their blog designs out of the box unless you’re doing quite a bit of designing.  Also, while it’s not really any slower than the majority of themes out there, it isn’t a speed demon either.  It’s just in the normal range for speed, which I think should be improved.

Compared to the competition: There are lots of good pagebuilders these days.  Elementor is very popular, but I prefer the way Divi works and looks.


IMPORTANT:This page contains affiliate links for X Theme and Divi.  We earn commissions for referring traffic to these sites.  While we are careful to only recommend products we actually use and like, you should know of our relationship with those companies.