Online contacts are usually awkward.  You comment on a website not knowing whether to expect anyone to hear or respond to you.  You purchase a product not knowing whether or not you can expect the seller to help you if something goes wrong with your purchase.  You like a page on Facebook never knowing if they will treat you as if they like you.

One of the keys of developing a community is to manage customer expectations.  If you splash your email address all over your website, then you need to respond.  If you ask for comments, you better read and respond.  If you ask for sales, you better help your customers if they have trouble.

But the truth is that website owners often deal with millions of customers and potential customers.  In this episode, I show you how to manage relationships with your visitors in a reasonable way so that you can give them what they expect, without overpromising on the time you can give them.

Enjoy the episode, but more importantly, implement it.