10 Business Lessons I Learned this Month

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I have a goal of being in great shape when I’m 50, but if you saw me yesterday you wouldn’t have known it.  I didn’t get out and exercise, and I ate a steak at Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  I may have that goal, but the direction I took yesterday will never lead me to that goal.

The same lesson applies to businesses across the web.  We set huge financial goals, but we spend our days learning little SEO tricks instead of just writing good content, we never launch the product because we’re afraid of what people will think, we are too afraid to negotiate a deal, etc.

In this episode we take a step back from the “quick, practical” tips taught in other episodes and we focus on a more important, fundamental aspect of your business–your direction.  In the episode I talk about how important it is to track your ACTUAL RESULTS toward your financial goals, and refer to this free spreadsheet that you can download to track your net worth.

Enjoy the episode, but more importantly, implement it.

Jim Harmer


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