How I Earned $505,813 from My Blog Last Year

In this episode I go into much greater detail of how exactly I run my blog to earn half a million dollars per year.  I delve into the products I offer, how I built an audience, taxes, etc.

I will confess that it is a bit awkward for me to share such personal financial information with the world, but I feel that it’s important to motivate you and to show you how to take your business to the next level.

Enjoy the show, but more importantly, implement it.

Jim Harmer

Helpful Resources

I have a blog post that explains this information in text form here.


  1. Thanks Jim for sharing! Your transparency and genuineness is undeniably refreshing. Keep up the great work. We appreciate you!

  2. Hey there Jim …..fantastic to hear about your wonderful success story. I’ve just started into blogging ……I’m at week 9 …..Thank you for sharing your little gems – REALLY APPRECIATED THEM – Part of my blog building strategy is blog hopping ….which makes you No 3 ….BUT what makes this SO RELEVANT to me is …..I LOVE photography (My blog is on internet marketing) and I’m using my own images as well as images from on my blog …..I’ve been using Adobe photoshop to tweak the images (self taught on photoshop)

    The short of it all is ……I loved how you described your STORY …..of how you got started ……what you did …..what you wouldn’t do because I ‘ve been thinking about doing similar things but related to INTERNET MARKETING & CREATING IMAGES ONLINE

    Thanks again

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  3. Hi Jim. Enjoyed your podcast and your website. Really helpful info. Thanks for sharing..

    (I’m another visitor referred by Kim Roach)

  4. Thanks for sharing personal business info.
    Kim Roach shared your link with her members.
    Thanks Kim

  5. Hello JIM,

    The success stories like you motivate us to create a blog & promote in such a manner to make your healthy & wealthy lifestyle.

    I found your blog from KIM ROACH newsletter .

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