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I have been writing back and forth with Melissa Morse for a few weeks.  She started reading when it started and has already implemented a lot of the tips and techniques.  But she feels like she is flailing around without a clear direction of where to take her business.

So in this episode I sit down (virtually) with Melissa and we break down her blog, and I coach her on how she can adapt it to meet her financial goals.

My goal with IncomeSchool is to make it the most practical place to get information on starting an internet business.  This episode is all about practical tips for those who are starting out.

I hope you enjoy the episode, but more importantly, implement it.

Jim Harmer

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Optin Monster – It’s just a simple popup, but with a twist that makes it incredibly powerful.  It only shows the popup when someone is rapidly scrolling to the top of the page (as in when they are about to hit the back button and leave your site forever anyway).  When I get about 5 people per day to join the email list without a popup, and then I switched to Optin Monster and started getting over 100 people per day joining my email list.  The coolest part?  Those are 100 people who were leaving my site anyway, and they didn’t get bothered with the popup until they were done reading the post.  Pretty sweet.  Check it out here.

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