5 Reasons to Consider Affiliate Marketing

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For those of you who haven’t heard of Affiliate Marketing – let me tell you.

Businesses have affiliate agreements to pay a certain amount of money for marketing or advertising their product on your website. This is a great option you should consider if you have a site that recommends a lot of products for people. For example, here at Improve Photography I recommend a lot of gear.  This is a great place to use affiliate marketing.

However, this will not work for those who think this will open the flood gates and be instantly making more money every month.   Case in point – Amazon generally pays at 4% of the sale price on a product you referred. You’ll have to sell a lot of product through Amazon with your affiliate links to make this worth while. The more you become a trusted voice on the internet, the more people will be willing to take your recommendation and click on your links.

Reason 5

Amazing potential for big returns. With time when you establish your voice online and gain the trust of your audience, the more likely they will be willing to click on your links and help you out for providing a great resource for them. Also, the more trust you have, the more people will start to find you and share your content, which inherently means that you will have more people click on your links.

Reason 4

It’s a passive income. This might take some time in the beginning to setup and make sure you have the links right, but after that, it becomes passive income. Provided you have done the rest of your job right to make Reason 5 a reality, then you’re job is done. You’re a passive income maker.

Reason 3

Several big companies offer affiliate agreements. This can be great news for you… because no matter what you find youself trying to market or sell or simply tell others about… there is probably an affiliate program for that. Espeically if you have something that can be found on Amazon. They sell nearly everything it seems like.

Reason 2

Supplement your current income. Unless you really hate your job – I think this would be a great way to keep your day job and use this affiliate marketing as a way to make even more money! Besides, “work” is good for humans because it keeps your mind sharp and senses alert. To give all that up I can’t imagine would be the greatest thing. :)

Reason 1

Make money selling the products that made a difference for you. When you think about it – you have probably tried several different options or have had many good and bad experiences in finding the solutions that have helped you reached the point you are at right now. Not to mention, sharing such experience with the world only adds to the trust you need. When you recommend a product, it’s not going to be because you want to have one more link on your site, but because you know from experience that the product you’re recommending is going make a difference for the person who buys it.

When you do Affiliate Marketing for the right reasons, you’ll finder greater success in the long run through the life of your site.

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