An Honest Review of iPage Hosting

Let me put it simply: Do not even consider hosting your website with iPage.  The experience that I have had with iPage was horrendous.  Trust me, there are much better hosting plans available for only a tiny bit more money.

The problems with iPage

  • The site that I ran on iPage was incredibly slow.  I thought it may be an optimization issue, but as soon as the site transferred off of iPage, the site immediately started running a lot faster.
  • The customer support is as bad as you can possibly imagine.  After waiting over 20 minutes on hold (and their hold doesn’t even tell you how long it will be, so you just sit there and hope they answer), the customer support person refused to give even basic information about how I could find the information I needed without paying a $70 tech support fee.
  • The control panel does not have the tools a serious blogger needs to run a WordPress site.  Features such as finding a backup, setting up email, setting up backups, ftp, and others are either non-existent or hard to find in my opinion.

Friends don’t let friends use iPage.  Seriously, the extra couple bucks per month it costs to get a good hosting plan will be saved the very first time you have a problem with your iPage hosting.


  1. I just spent 30 minutes to ask a pre-purchase question, using their “Sales” option. Nobody there, even to trick me into paying. They will go away from poor sales soon.

  2. Could not agree more. This experience sounds just like one that I had with this group. I would not suggest using this host even if it was free because their service actually costs the customer. Great review.

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