The Business Lesson Nobody Wants

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Business advice is everywhere.  It’s in my earbuds, my RSS feeds, on my Facebook newsfeed–and constantly on glossy ads in my mailbox.

The most popular bits of business advice are those which require the least amount of work and expertise, and yet produce the quickest and most dramatic hockey-stick-graph results. I love quick fix business advice.  I’ve implemented many of those techniques and some have actually produced results. But the truth is that tricks only last a short time.

To truly succeed, there is a business lesson that must always be applied.  It’s desperation, and it’s the business lesson nobody wants.

In this episode of the Income School Podcast, I set a framework for your mind to follow in starting your online business.  I explain the mindset you have to have to win.  The mindset is one of never turning back, never second guessing, never wondering.

Just going out and throwing down all out thermo-nuclear war every day until you succeed. Once you have this mindset, it will prevent you from quitting–ever.  Because failure is not an option.  Your income controls an incredible amount of your lifestyle, and you can’t risk losing that. Now that you have your head on straight, we’re getting into the nuts and bolts of online business–starting with episode 3.

Hope you enjoy the episode, Jim

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