Choosing a Successful Title for Your Podcast

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I have spent a tremendous amount of time on iTunes (probably too much) figuring out how to improve my rankings.  One thing I’ve noticed is how incredibly important a name is on iTunes.

What I recommend is that you think about the name of your podcast like you think about a google search.  Let’s suppose you want some tips for improving your online business.  You’ll probably search for something like “Internet Business Tips.”

Then you get millions of results, but you’ll only sort through the first page.  Which of the following search results would you click on?

  • The awesome improvement site
  • 12 ways to double your progress this year
  • The power to improve
  • 101 Internet business tips
  • How to be more successful

I’m willing to bet that you would have clicked on “101 Internet Business Tips.”  Why?  Because it was the only result that clearly told you what you were going to get, and it was exactly what you said you were looking for.

Sounds obvious, right?

But as I look at the new and noteworthy section of podcasts released in the last few weeks, here are some show names.

  • Abundance Thinking
  • Do Over
  • The Empowerment Show
  • Expert Empire
  • The Highly Conscious Man
  • The Middle Path

My question: What are these shows going to give me!??!?!  I won’t take the time to subscribe and find out.

So what’s the lesson?  Choose a name for your podcast that is the exact topic the person is looking for.  Do not be vague.  You can be a bit more creative with the name of your blog than you can be with the title of your podcast.  I like to see titles like “The Internet Marketing Show” or “Social Media Success” or “Photography 101” or “Tech News Today” or “Inside Fly Fishing.”  All of those titles show me that they are precisely on topic for what the person searched for.

Another point is that if you choose a podcast title with a clear name, it also means you get lots of keywords in your title, which definitely helps your show rankings.

Obviously there are some shows with weird names that do succeed, but most of the time those are from people who have established audiences before starting a show.  For most people, I think it’s a poor choice.

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