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In this episode I interview Shane and Jocelyn Sams. Shane was a football coach and Jocelyn an elementary school librarian when they heard about creating an online business and dove in head first. They quit their jobs within a year and now make over six figures every single month.

What’s in this episode

  • Exactly what to do to go out and find your audience and drag them back to your website
  • How to create a network of smaller sites
  • How to use a forum to create the content on your site
  • Pricing digital products

Resources Mentioned

Note: At one point Shane accidentally said they were earning high six figures per month.  Slip of the tongue.  He meant low six figures per month and emailed me to make sure I mentioned this in the show notes so he wouldn’t be misunderstood.  But seriously, after $100,000 per month… who really cares?!?!  🙂