The Landing Page Secrets of Steve Jobs

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I recently read a book called The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. I was very skeptical about buying the book since I didn’t recognize the author Carmine Gallo, but I was intrigued enough to bite.

It didn’t take many pages before my head was filled with ideas. Surprisingly, instead of finding ideas on making business presentations in the traditional sense (ya know… powerpoints and buzzwords and such), I found that the ideas in the book were perfect for creating a new landing page that I had been working on.

Take a minute and learn some of the best tips I gleaned from the book (although you should really go out and read the whole thing), and then how I applied them in my landing page. The result, I think, is pretty cool.

The presentation secrets of Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs was a master at using taglines and slogans. When other mp3 player manufacturers were advertising their products (which were available before the iPod), they would tout the number of gigabytes of data it would hold, along with other technical specifications. Apple cut through the marketing lingo and made the specs understandable. The advertised “1,000 songs in your pocket” instead of the technical gigabyte description.

Steve Jobs was amazed by his own products. He used words like, “amazing, magical, crazy,fun, shocking, etc.” He surely knew of deficiencies in his company, but when it was time for marketing, he laid aside all his concerns and touted the good things about the product.

Steve Jobs loved to present ideas, bullet points, and products in threes. At the release of the iPhone, he said he was going to announce (1) The best iPod ever made, (2) Apple’s re-invention of the phone, and (3) a breakthrough Internet communication device. This excited the reporters at the announcement, but it made them crazy with excitement when they learned at the end of the presentation that all three breakthrough devices were all included in the same iPhone device.

He created news instead of letting the news being created about him. When the iPhone was released, he constantly used the phrase, “Apple is reinventing the phone” in the press release and at his keynote. The phrase was said so many times to the journalists that when they went back to write stories on the new device… well… you can guess what the headline of their story was.

How I applied the secrets of Steve Jobs in my landing page

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