20 Captivating Headlines for Your Next Blog Post

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The headline is king! I have learned that readers are far more likely to click on a headline of “15 Creative Tips for Shooting Sunsets” than a headline of “Sunset Photography Tips for Landscape Photographers.”

The best tip for thinking up great headlines is to go to magazines.com and browse the headlines of major magazines, and then repurpose the titles to fit your topic. Write boring headlines and you’ll get a lackluster response. I promise.

Here are a list of headlines that I expect to be successful. No matter what you blog about, you should be able to repurpose these headlines to match your topic.

“Learn the basics of flash photography in 15 minutes”

“15 Insanely cool tips for setting up a home studio”

“Why most photographers fail in business, and some succeed”

“21 Things You Can Do Today to Kickstart Your Photography Business”

“The Post-processing Secret That Pro Photographers Rarely Share”

“101 Landscape Photography Tips”

“Understand Photoshop in 15 Minutes or Less”

“51 Free Ways to Market Your Photography”

“17 Hilarious Photographer Jokes to Brighten Your Day”

“13 Things Your LENS Wishes You Knew”

“9 SUPER SHARP Lenses Under $500”

“Everything You Need to Know About Teleconverters”

“Just Had the Best Photo Shoot of My Life, and I Ruined it”

“21 Go-to Poses for Family Photography”

“Check Out This Flash Photography Infographic!!!”

“The LIE That Canon and Nikon Want You to Believe” (BTW, I have no idea what the lie is, but I always come up with the headline and then think up the content.

Same thing with the lists of tips. Why 21 and not 22? Because that’s the headline I chose. Think hard enough and you’ll get to 21.)

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