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13 Best Amazon Associates Plugins Reviewed and Compared

What’s the best plugin for Amazon Associates?

You’ve setup your Amazon Associates account and you’re hoping to start making some passive affiliate income.  But you’ve quickly realized that going over to your Amazon Associates dashboard to a-smile_twitter_200create a link for every product you want to link to on Amazon is a huge hassle.

That’s where plugins come in handy.

There are a lot of plugins that have been developed for Amazon to make your experience with the Amazon Associates program pretty much effortless.  But which one should you use?  Is there one that stands out as better than all the others?

In this article, I’ll break down each of the top 13 most downloaded WordPress plugins for Amazon so you can decide which one will work best for you.  So let’s get started.

These are ranked in order by the number of active installs and ratings, not necessarily by our preferences.

#13 Amazo Linkenator

The Amazo Linkenator plugin is designed to actually replace your plugin links with a link containing your affiliate code.  The way it works is that when you save any content—whether that be a page, a post, or a comment—any links contained in that content will actually be changed to a new link containing your code.  What this means is that if you delete this plugin down the road, the links will all still contain your code.  But it also means that if you have links to Amazon and then you install this plugin, you’ll need to go back and open every page, post, or comment that contains a link to Amazon and click “save” on that content again.  Otherwise those links won’t update to contain your code.

This plugin also has the option to shorten your links.  This allows you to hide your affiliate code from users.  This is a pretty neat feature, but it’s not something we’ve ever really worried about.

If all you want to do is link to products on Amazon and you haven’t already created a bunch of Amazon links, then this plugin could be a good choice.  However, it doesn’t do any globalizing.  So if a user in the UK clicks on a link that points to, they will actually end up on, not Amazon.UK.

Check out the Amazo Linkenator plugin here.

Cost: Free
Downloads: 20+
Rating: 0 stars
Total Reviews: 0

#12 FS-14 Automatic Amazon Affiliate Plugin

From what I can tell, the FS-14 Automatic Amazon Affiliate Plugin doesn’t actually add your affiliate code to product links.  What it does do, though, is find links to Amazon in your articles and publishes those articles in a sidebar widget.  This sitebar widget contains product images and current pricing.  They also have the option to include shortcode in your article that will put the product image and pricing right there in the article rather than in the sidebar.

Like a lot of plugins, this one is free to download, but they do have a premium version that looks like it allows you to add your affiliate code within the plugin.

Check out the FS-14 Automatic Amazon Affiliate plugin here.

Cost: Free for Basic
Downloads: 20+
Rating: 0 stars
Total Reviews: 0

#11 Affiliate Ready Links Lite

Affiliate Ready Links Lite takes a different approach to helping you build Amazon Associates affiliate links.  Rather than adding your affiliate code automatically, what this plugin does is allow you to search Amazon, select products, and get your link (including your affiliate code) right within the plugin.  This means you can actually search amazon and grab links to products right from withing your WordPress dashboard.

If you don’t want to use a plugin that automatically changes the link to include your code, then this may be a good option for you.  However, if you’re okay with using a plugin that updates your links automatically then it’s probably easier to search for the products you want on Amazon’s website rather than through this plugin.  With how easy it is to just open up multiple tabs in your web browser, I’m not sure that the capability to search for Amazon products right from your WordPress dashboard really adds a lot of value.

Check out Affiliate Ready Links Lite here.

Cost: Free
Downloads: 30+
Rating: 0 stars
Total Reviews: 0

#10 Simple Amazon Affiliate

Simple Amazon Affiliate takes another approach to Amazon Associates affiliate links.  This plugin allows you to include a shortcode in your posts that tells the plugin to find related products on Amazon and include those links in your post.  The plugin automatically includes your affiliate ID so you don’t need to worry about building links or anything.  You literally just write content and include the shortcodes in posts that might have related products on Amazon.

What I don’t like about this is that the control over what products how up on your page is out of your hands.  I think it’s important to be deliberate about what products you advertise and recommend.  For that reason, I wouldn’t use a plugin like this for my sites.  However, you may have a different philosophy about how you advertise and that’s perfectly fine.  Just keep in mind that this plugin doesn’t actually give you control over what products you link to.  It finds products based on the content of your post.

Check out Simple Amazon Affiliate here.

Cost: Free
Downloads: 30+
Rating: 0 stars
Total Reviews: 0

#9 Amazon Link Localizer

Amazon Link Localizer does everything you would hope for in an Amazon plugin.  First of all, this plugin converts all of your Amazon links to new links that contain your affiliate code.  That way you just have to link to products on amazon in your posts and pages, and the plugin does the work of adding your code.  Second, this plugin detects what country the user is in and takes them to their respective Amazon storefront.

This plugin is free to use but does have a couple of plans that provide you more analytics, better support, and other features depending on which plan you buy.

Check out the Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer here.

Cost: Free for Basic
Downloads: 30+
Rating: 5.0 stars
Total Reviews: 2

#8 Amazon Affiliate Link Globalizer

This is actually the plugin that we use on our sites.  Once you’ve installed it and put in your affiliate ID all you have to do is start including links to Amazon products in your posts and pages.  The plugin does all the work to replace the link to the product with a new link that includes your affiliate ID and points the user to the correct country site for Amazon.  So if you link to a product on, then a customer in Canada will see that product, or a similar one, on

The difference between how this plugin does the link replacement and how other plugins do it is that this plugin doesn’t actually change the link in your site database.  If you hover over the link, you’ll see the original link that you pasted.  What it does is forward any outgoing links to Amazon to a new link containing your affiliate code.  This means that if you delete this plugin, all of your Amazon links will not contain your code.  But, it also means that if you install this plugin, all Amazon links on your site will go through your affiliate code.  No updating necessary.

You might notice the relatively low rating for this one.  There are only 8 reviews and most of the negative reviews complain about how this plugin earns their money.  What they do is for 1% of user clicks on your site, they replace your affiliate ID with theirs.  On average this means that they take about 1% of your commissions.  I wish they were more up-front about this, since it appears on the WordPress plugins page as a free plugin, and the description doesn’t explain how they do this.

In short, this plugin does what it’s meant to.  It makes it really easy to link to Amazon because all you have to do is literally paste a link to an Amazon page and the plugin will make that link into an affiliate link for you and direct your users to the Amazon site for their country.

Check out the Amazon Affiliate Link Globalizer plugin here.

Cost: 1% of clicks use their affiliate ID instead of yours
Downloads: 300+
Rating: 3.1 stars
Total Reviews: 8

#7 BestAzon

Like some of the other plugins listed here, BestAzon localized all Amazon links so they link to the appropriate country site for your user, no matter where they are.  BestAzon also adds your affiliate ID to all links so you don’t have to.

BestAzon states that it works for all Amazon links, even she short URL ( as well as links that redirect through link redirecting services like prettylinks or bitly.  The one downside that some users have noted is that the redirect URL that they use goes through their server.  So the ability for your Amazon affiliate links to work is dependent on their server being up and running properly.  The state that they have this redirect on a cloud backup so even if their server goes down, it should still be online, so this may not be a concern worth worrying too much about.

The big pro for this one is that it is completely free, and the developer has no intention of charging for any features.

Check out the BestAzon plugin here.

Cost: Free
Downloads: 400+
Rating: 4.8 stars
Total Reviews: 4

#6 Amazon Affiliate Tag

This one is pretty simple.  All it does is take your Amazon links in your posts and add your affiliate code or tag at the end.  It also allows you to add a nofollow rel attribute and a target=”_blank” attribute if you want.

The one issue that was pointed out on this one is that you have to make sure your Amazon links have a \ at the end.  If your link doesn’t include that, the plugin won’t work on that link.  This one also doesn’t localize so if someone in a different country clicks on your link, it will take them to the country store that you posted, not the country store of the user.

Check out Amazon Affiliate Tag here.

Cost: Free
Downloads: 700+
Rating: 4.7 stars
Total Reviews: 3

#5 Amazon Link Engine

Amazon Link Engine tries to take Amazon affiliate linking to the next level.  They globalize all your links and add your affiliate code.  But what they do with globalization takes things to the next level.

Most globalizer/localizer plugins take the product you linked to on one Amazon store and find the same product on the local Amazon store for the user.  They do a lookup using the product ID on Amazon. The problem with this is that in some country stores, that product may be unavailable or overpriced.  Amazon Link Engine gets matches on multiple product IDs which gets your users to the best match possible.

The other thing that Amazon Link Engine does is give you some analytics and reporting capabilities which is something most plugins don’t give you.

The downside is that in order to get any commission through this plugin, you have to create an account on their website.  All of the analytics are posted there, not on your WordPress dashboard.  And this account isn’t free.  In fact it’s at least $9 per month.  And if you get too many clicks, the price goes up.

If you’re interested, click here to check out Amazon Link Engine.

Cost: $9 per month for basic
Downloads: 1,000+
Rating: 3.9 stars
Total Reviews: 11

#4 Amazon Auto Links

This one is a bit different.  While you can select specific products to link to, Amazon Auto Links is designed to take categories that you pick for your site, and then it automatically displays the links to certain products that are new on Amazon.  You can actually set up your posts, pages, and even widget areas to look like mini Amazon stores.  And your links are always to new and available products.

This plugin also adds your affiliate ID and supports 10 Amazon locales, but it doesn’t appear to localize the links for you.

To check out Amazon Auto Links click here.

Cost: Free for Basic
Downloads: 5,000+
Rating: 4.3 stars
Total Reviews: 20

#3 Amazon Product in a Post

This plugin creates links in your post and pulls the product information from Amazon to make your post almost look like a page on Amazon.  You get the product image, description, pricing, everything.  You just add the shortcode in your posts or pages wherever you want the product information.

The plugin page on has nice screenshots that show you how to setup your post to get certain layouts.

What this doesn’t do is automatically change links that already exist on your site.  You have to setup your links through the plugin.  It also doesn’t globalize links so users in other countries will be directed to whichever Amazon store you link to.

This plugin has a little bit different approach to Amazon Associates and their approach may be fantastic for your site.  If you want to check out Amazon Product in a Post, click here.

Cost: Free
Downloads: 7,000+
Rating: 4.5 stars
Total Reviews: 35

#2 EasyAzon

EasyAzon is another highly-used Amazon plugin.  But all it really does is add your affiliate code to text links.  It doesn’t work on image links and it doesn’t do localization/globalization unless you pay for the pro version.  It’s actually really basic.  But if all you want is to be able to add your affiliate code to links from your WordPress dashboard, then this one may be a good option for you.

If you’re interested in EasyAzon, check it out here.

Cost: Free for basic
Downloads: 10,000+
Rating: 4.4 stars
Total Reviews: 27

#1 Amazon Link

Amazon Link makes it easy to quickly add product links to your posts.  You can use text, thumbnail images, full-size images, complex templates or Amazon flash widgets.  Any of these links will work on this plugin.  Amazon link adds your affiliate ID to all links and does the globalizing/localizing for you so your customers end up at the right Amazon store.

To create your product links, you do need to add shortcode, but this allows you to actually use multiple tracking IDs which is great for testing which posts are most effective.  It just means that your links to Amazon aren’t just automatically changed to include your tracking code.  You actually have to tell the plugin, using a shortcode, that a given link should include your tracking ID for Amazon.  That’s a trade-off you have to decide if you’re willing to make.

The other thing to keep in mind with this (and probably may other affiliate plugins) is that if you don’t add an affiliate ID for a given country-based Amazon store, then rather than send your users to the store, this plugin will link them to the appropriate country-based store and insert their own affiliate ID.  There’s nothing wrong with this, but keep it in mind.  If you have users around the world, you should sign up for all of their affiliate programs and add all of the codes to the plugin settings page.

To check out Amazon Link, click here.

Cost: Free
Downloads: 10,000+
Rating: 4.4 stars
Total Reviews: 39

What do you think about these plugins?

Do you have a favorite Amazon affiliate plugin?  What is it and what do you like about it?  Are there features that you think are missing from all of these plugins?  Let us know by writing a comment below.


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