The Complete Guide to Blogging for a Living

In this video, you’ll learn our complete plan to earn a full-time income online as a blogger in about 24 months. This is the best place to get started if you want financial independence through a passive online income. As you watch, you’ll get: -Our plan for earning full-time passive income online in about 24 months -The Project 24 timeline or what to expect in terms of traffic and income each month along the way -Our content mix and other tips, each of which could save you a year in your journey to full-time income online -Our tool for picking a topic for your website

The Complete Guide to SEO in 2020 (Full webinar)


If you want to start a website or blog and get traffic from SEO, watch this video to learn the fundamentals and some really unique strategies that you need to know to get results. We have built multiple sites to millions of pageviews (and dollars) from organic search traffic and here we share our strategy for how we did it.

We Tripled This Site’s Revenue in 4 Hours


Is it possible to completely revamp an underperforming niche site in 4 hours? We challenged ourselves to do it for a site we don’t own, and tasked our team to overhaul the most important aspects of the site as quickly as possible. We chose Red’s site as a winner of a recent Instagram contest. Jim, Ricky, Nate, and Nathan each took an aspect of the site to revamp: from affiliate links, recommended gear, site speed, sales page, and more. How do you think it turned out? Watch to find out!

How to Write a Perfect Blog Post in One Hour


Blogging is a great way to earn passive income, but you’ll need a systematic approach to writing content quickly in order to produce high-quality content with a limited amount of time to invest into your site. This is our systematic approach for creating high-quality blog posts.

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