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Ultimate Guide to Podcast Intros: Finding intro music

I have spent a few years struggling on and off to find good music for the intros of the podcasts on my podcast network.  I’ve tried a bunch of different options an want to share my favorite sites for podsafe music here. Where to Find Music for a Podcast Intro I have tried over a dozen different royalty free music …

Average Downloads for New Podcasts: 13 real-world examples and what to expect

I launched my first podcast in 2008, way before podcasting was even remotely cool.  I’ve had some very successful podcasts and some podcasts that were failures.  In this post I want to share some numbers with you that may help you to know what to expect in terms of download numbers for a new podcast. 25 Real-World Examples of Podcasts …

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7 Reasons Your Podcast Hasn’t Taken Off

You put all you’ve got into it, and yet you just can’t seem to get your podcast to take off.  You wonder, what’s it going to take to improve my podcast?! It used to be that we’d see new podcasts getting 2,000 downloads per episode easily just by having a decent show and putting it on iTunes.  These days, it’s …

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How we find niche site ideas that earn real money

I want your niche site to hit it out of the park!  So how can you make your site a home run and not a total flop? It all starts with the idea. Good businesses are all built on ideas and opportunities.  Think about any business out there, from tiny to gigantic, and they’re all built around a single opportunity …

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Niche Site Consultations and Reviews

I’m really excited to tell you about these new niche site consultations!  We wanted a way to help you get your niche site up an running and be as successful as possible right from the gate.  Well, here it is.  You get to reach us directly to get your site started out right.  Click here to check it out.