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WordPress Just Released Their Biggest SEO Improvement This Year

Published August 3, 2021

Video Description

WordPress gets regular updates, and most fly under the radar. But this one was big. And the best thing they did, from an SEO perspective at least, isn't getting much airtime. What they did is add support for the webp image type. In this video, I'll talk about how using webp images can make the pages on your site load faster and score better in Google's Core Web Vitals. Links from the video Free Image Converter - Shortpixel - Explanation of LCP and FCP - Free Tutorial for Using WebP - Income School Tutorials Channel - Wordpress 5.8 Field Guide - Check out Project 24: Project 24 is our membership program that teaches you how to work toward replacing your current income with income from websites and YouTube channels in 24 months. Also check out our stupid fast and crazy functional Wordpress theme, Acabado. Have you seen us on Instagram yet? Add us to see what we're doing behind the scenes: Project 24 is a product of Income School LLC. Results mentioned are not typical. The trademark “Project 24” refers to the goal of some people to create a successful business in 24 months, but is not a promise or guarantee of that success. Many online businesses fail because, like any business, it requires hard work, skill, and dedication. Before making business decisions, consult financial and legal professionals licensed in your jurisdiction.

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