Does Blog Post Word Count Really Matter?

Published November 28, 2023

Video Description

We kinda got it wrong. Ricky and Nathan discuss the effect that word count can have on the success of your blog post. Does post length really matter? We have an answer, and it's a good one! Check out our Blogging System (and so much more) in Project 24: Join the Income School Insiders group (free!) for first dibs on data videos and in-depth audits: ---------------------------------------------------------------- How we can help you 🥇 Project 24 Membership: 🥋 One on One Coaching: 🛠 All of our Current Recommended Tools: 🎯 Acabado, Our WordPress Theme: ---------------------------------------------------------------- #blogging #contentmarketing #contentcreator Timestamps: 0:00 - Shark Attacks and Ice Cream 0:37 - Blog Post Length Studies 1:35 - Does Blog Post Length Really Matter? 1:50 - Word Count vs. Content Quality 2:18 - Correlation vs. Causation for Blogging Success 3:28 - Determining the Right Length for a Blog Post 4:10 - Starting Point: SERPs and Themes 6:02 - Creating Valuable Content 6:58 - Minimum Word Count Recommendation for Blogs 8:06 - The Extra Hour Principle 10:12 - Becoming an Authority with Unique Data 12:28 - Project 24 and Staple Posts 13:41 - Conclusion and Ice Cream Project 24 is our membership program that teaches you how to work toward replacing your current income with income from websites and YouTube channels in 24 months. Project 24 is a product of Income School LLC. Results mentioned are not typical. The trademark “Project 24” refers to the goal of some people to create a successful business in 24 months, but is not a promise or guarantee of that success. Many online businesses fail because, like any business, it requires hard work, skill, and dedication. Before making business decisions, consult financial and legal professionals licensed in your jurisdiction.

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