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Click on a mastermind event below for more details and to RSVP. Some events may be recorded for viewing later, but most will be live-only.

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Once received a package in the mail from Jim.  What was in it, you may ask?  Just a few dead cockroaches.

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Membership Director

She has single-handedly funded the growth of several Orange Theory Fitness studios near Boise.

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He tells us that biltong beef jerky from South Africa is better than American beef jerky.  Could it be?

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Mastermind Event Types

We vary the days and times to make sure there is something for every timezone, and we do a variety of mastermind events to keep it fresh.

Office hours are the time to ask questions about your business, and how to implement our system.  We do a Q&A format and sometimes there will be a theme or topic, and other times we can take questions on whatever you want.

Mastermind Groups are opportunities to discuss things with other members.  One of the Income School personalities will be there to facilitate the discussion, but it won’t be a lecture or presentation.  It’s the time to learn from each other.  Mastermind Groups are always open to everyone, but are limited to a small group who RSVP’s first!

Sometimes we can’t explain a concept or thought neatly in a 5 minute lesson for the course, so we do a webinar to more fully delve into a topic.  Webinars are a lecture style and sometimes (but not always) will be recorded.


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