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YT Episode 19

Dec 26, 2021

Happy Holidays Project 24! While the team is off celebrating we family we’ve turned the audio from the YouTube System webinar into a podcast. Listen in as Nate explains the why behind the new YouTube System and answers questions from members.

Main Topic: YouTube System Webinar

01:04 YouTube System Background
03:10 YouTube System Tour
07:27 How to Get the Most from the YouTube System
14:19 Question: YouTube Tools
17:40 Question: YouTube Course vs YouTube System
18:09 Question: Industry Audit
20:18 Question: First Videos Before the Industry Audit
21:38 Question: Types of Videos
23:03 Question: Industry Audit Timeframe
23:37 Question: YouTube System Timeline
24:43 Question: Search-based Videos
31:04 Question: Reviving an Old Channel
31:35 Question: Is My Niche Large Enough?
32:45 Question: Masterminds for Phases
33:04 Question: Stagnant Channel – Revive or Start Over?
36:52 Question: Outsourcing
37:55 Question: How-to Videos
40:02 Question: YouTube Shorts
43:25 Question: Blogging & YouTube Simultaneously
44:27 Question: Should I Be Niching Down or Expanding Out?
48:15 Question: Introduction Videos
52:32 Question: Digging Deeper in the Industry Audit

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