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Episode 157

Dec 21, 2021

It’s the final Blogging Podcast of 2021! Nathan, Anna, & Ricky are discussing taking a holiday or mental health break from your site and future improvements on the Blogging Course and Search Analysis process. We also answer your questions about reviving an old site, targeting traffic to a site, and hiring editors. See you in 2022!

Main Topic: Taking a Break & an Upcoming YT Premiere

00:44 P24 Question: Worth Reviving An Old Site
03:26 P24 Question: Targetted Traffic
06:37 P24 Question: Hiring Editors
08:02 P24 Question: Dip in Niche
12:06 Taking a Break
16:48 P24 Webinar YT Premiere
18:34 Search Analysis Categories

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