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Episode 170

May 1, 2022

Courses and Info Products continue to be our favorite way to monetize blogs and YouTube channels. But actually selling those info products with just a blog continues to be a struggle for so many. In this episode, Ricky interviews John Ainsworth from Data Driven Marketing to learn how they’re helping course creators average 4.68x more revenue from their courses.

Main Topic: Multiply Your Blogging Income with Courses

01:03 John Ainsworth’s Story
05:09 Leveraging Your Audience
08:11 Lead Magnets
09:35 Gaining Subscribers
16:05 GDPR
18:07 Promotions
21:23 Email Structure
30:07 Email Frequency
31:43 Promoting External Products
35:57 Promoting My Own Info Product
39:58 Memberships & Subscriptions
44:20 When to Look for Coaching Help:

About John

John Ainsworth is the CEO and founder of Data Driven Marketing. They help online course creators increase revenue by 4.86x on average.

With 20 years experience in building funnels and a degree in Mathematics, John has conducted extensive data analysis of hundreds of millions dollars of online business to create the field of Strategic Funnel Optimisation.

Data Driven Marketing has proven this process by helping dozens of online course creators 2x – 5x their revenue, and directly drives several million a year in revenue.

He’s a guest lecturer at Greenwich Business school and has been featured on Forbes.

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