Hustle It!

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Hustle It!

First of all, the term hustle can have some pretty negative meanings, including “a fraud or swindle”.  That’s now what we’re talking about here.  Hustle has come to mean “doing what it takes to make money”.  And that’s what we’re talking about!

So let’s do it.

Hustling takes little more than desire and willpower.  The truth is, there are thousands of ways to make money.  If you want to take charge of your financial situation and need to make some extra income to do it, then I’m telling you that there’s a way to do it.  And there’s a way you could start today!

We talk a lot on this site about building up businesses.  We talk about designing web sites and driving traffic to them.  But these things take time.  It’s hard to make much of a profit on those things today.  In fact, most entrepreneurs have to put a lot of time into their businesses before they ever actually make a profit.  Now, their time is an investment that can really pay off.  But it doesn’t always, and it usually takes time and determination.  So if you’re looking to make some extra money today, then it’s probably not the path for you.  At least not right now.

So what can you do if you don’t have a job, or if your job isn’t cutting it?  What can you do if you need to make some money this month, or even this week?  This is where the hustle comes in.

Hustle It!

So what does it mean to Hustle It?  Well, it means to do what it takes to make money.  And we’re going to start talking about some of the ways people are hustling it every day.  In fact, every week there will be a post about another way that you can Hustle It today.

I will give one caveat.  We don’t encourage any type of hustling that is illegal, unethical, or immoral.  While many things are legal, not all are ethical or moral and we encourage you to only do the types of things that allow you to sleep soundly at night.  There are also lots of things that are legal, ethical, and moral, but that require certain permits.  We’ll try to let you know where this might be the case, but in all honesty, every country, state, and even city has some of its own laws, and a lot of lots relating to permits vary from city to city.  So make sure you check with your city government to make sure you get any required permits before you get too involved in your hustle.

Now, let me give you a couple examples of hustling that I and other friends of mine have done.

  • Selling ties on Ebay—I bought a box of about 250 ties from a liquidation website and then sold them one at a time on Ebay for a nice profit.
  • Lemonade—Remember my friend Joseph and his lemonade stand?  If you don’t, then check out my article here.  What he did started out as a hustle, and turned into a nice little business.
  • Reselling “antique” furniture—This one can be really profitable.  You buy people’s old furniture (Tables, those old TVs in the wood cases, chairs, etc.) and then you clean them up, give them a nice paint or stain job, and then resell them.  Unique furniture like that is really popular right now, and you can often get people’s old furniture in the free section on Craigslist.
  • Scour the free section on Craigslist—I had a big, pink, super heavy bath tub that I pulled out of my bathroom when I remodeled it.  I didn’t have any use for it but thought that it would be a huge waste to just take it to the dump.  So I posted it for free on Craigslist.  Within an hour, I had about 5 calls.  These guys were picking up old furniture and appliances and selling them to shops that fix them and resell them.

There are literally thousands of ideas out there, and we’ll visit one each weak here at Income School.  So stay tuned, and let us know how these ideas work for you.  We’d love to share your story here.

So what do you say?  Are you ready to Hustle It!?

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