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Episode 132

Apr 30, 2021

Jim & Ricky share their thoughts on using AI in the content creation process. They also discuss the basis and ethics for a SEO “Sniping” technique taught in the new blogging course. They answer questions about the transition of the Margin YT channel to Income School vlogs, when to rebrand, and embedding videos in post. 

Main Topic: Artificial Intelligence, Sniping, and Rebranding

00:34  New Blogging Course
02:29  Content Warrior Writing Service
04:22  Copyright & P24 Licensing
06:07  P24 Question: Why Channels Fail or Succeed (Margin)
14:15  P24 Question: Rebrand or Restart?
16:02  P24 Question: Embedding Videos in Post
17:59  AI & Content Writing
46:21  SEO Sniping Technique

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