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YT Episode 75

Jul 16, 2023

Julia talks through our pre-publish checklist for YouTube videos. Not all 15 of these will apply to you. Make your own checklist with the ones that are relevant for you and your channel.

15 Pre-Publish Steps:

  1. Add thumbnail
  2. Add title
  3. Add description
  4. Add links in description if needed
  5. Add pinned comment
  6. Add timestamps
  7. Add to playlists
  8. Add cards if any
  9. Add end screen
  10. Add tags
  11. Check monetization
  12. Send out accompanying email
  13. Schedule accompanying community post or short
  14. Include trailer for premier videos
  15. Schedule

Here’s an example of a template to add to your channel. Of course you’ll have to customize it for your own channel!

Example Description Template:

** This Paragraph Changes Every Time – Hook them to make them excited to watch this specific video**

Check out my _ (book, website, info product, etc) – link-

(continue with each following timestamp. Make sure you start with 0:00 or it won’t work)

Legal Notice: Add your own legal notice here

Here’s a video from the channel Film Booth where Ed demonstrates the “watch next” strategy really well:

Main Topic: Pre-Publish Checklist

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