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Episode 76

Apr 3, 2020

In Episode 76 we’re discussing a few details around the 52/24 Challenge. Jim, Ricky, & Nathan discuss somethings to consider as you prepare to batch content for YouTube. We’re also announcing a new service available to P24 members.

Main Topic: Batching YouTube Videos

00:34  P24 Question: Battleship Method & Seasonal Content
02:26  P24 Question: 3 Months to Full-Time?
04:27  Affiliate Networking
06:37  Content Warrior Update
07:29  YouTube 60 Steps Update
10:36  52/24 Challenge (Batching Content)
15:04  Separating Research & Content Creation
18:20  One Shot vs Editing Videos
24:40  Income School Video Editing Announcement
30:40  Collaborating and Networking
33:29  What About Blogging?!

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