Using a writing service is a big step for any internet marketer.  Making the shift from doing it all yourself to paying others to do the writing can be extremely liberating, but it can also create new challenges.  Which writing service should you use?  Is it worth paying more for their higher rated writers?  How much time should you spend reviewing the articles and requesting fixes and rewrites?

We decided to try a few of the best-known writing services to see what sort of content we would get.  We ordered 8 posts each from iWriter, HireWriters, and TextBroker as well as our own Creator Studio.  We used these 32 articles to create the foundation of a new site called

For these articles, we decided to take them as they came.  Meaning we didn’t request any revisions.  We wanted to see what we could build in just 3 hours of our time.  And we did it.  In 3 hours of our work time, we picked a niche, bought the domain, set up the site, chose 32 articles to have written, ordered the articles, and after we got them back we posted the articles to the site and added images.  It really all took under 3 hours of our time.  You can watch the video we put together of that experience (where we also talk about these writing services) down below on this page.  Taking the articles as they were made it pretty clear what quality of content we were getting back from each writing service.  Here are my thoughts on that experience with these services.

  • All of these writing services allow you to choose the length and quality of content you want, and they are clear about pricing for each option.
  • You have to deposit funds to cover the cost of your articles before the project ever gets submitted
  • All of them give you the option to hire specific writers directly.  When you do that you’re likely to pay more per word, but if you find a writer you really like it may be worth it.  For first time projects, I recommend that you just submit them for all writers so you can find specific ones you like.
  • All of them give you the option to review each article after its written.  You have 2-3 days to do that.  You can request changes or even a full rewrite.

Click here to see the articles I received from each of these writing services.


  • I ordered 8 articles and it took just over a week to get all 8 done.  However, most were done within 3 or 4 days.
  • They charged me exactly the amount they told me they would and allowed me to add funds to my account at the time I processed my order so I could add only the amount I was going to spend for that job.  I really liked that.
  • They run each article through Copyscape to check for plagiarism
  • Exact cost of each 1,300-1,500 word article, written by their Elite level writers was $32.00

Click here to order your first set of articles with iWriter.

Hire Writers

  • They had people working on my content within minutes after I submitted my request.  They got all 8 of my articles back to me within about 4 days which was the quickest of the 3 services.
  • Hire Writers did make me add funds before they would allow me to create an order, so I had to guess about how much I would need and add funds resulting in a balance in my account.  That’s not a big deal if you’re going to keep using them, but for a single project, it’s annoying.  You end up with extra funds that you can’t get back out, which means you just order another article or two to use up what you deposited.
  • They don’t give any indication that articles are checked for plagiarism. However, their FAQs indicate that every article is automatically checked for plagiarism by copyscape.
  • The site looks like it was made in the 1990’s and is pretty slow.
  • Exact cost of each 1,300-1,500 word article, written by their Expert level writers was $32.40

Click here to order your first set of articles from Hire Writers.

Text Broker

  • I ordered 8 articles and it took wekk over a week to get them all done.  Of the three, it took the longest for all of my articles to start being written with Text Broker.  They do have an option to set a deadline for an article, which does seem to help get it written faster.  But if they don’t get it started in time to meet your deadline, they reject the assignment and you have to re-submit it.  You don’t have to fill everything out again, but you do have to log in and re-submit.  I also noticed that they don’t seem to be strict on deadlines for the writers.  On the other services, if a writer doesn’t finish in time, the article is posted again for other writers.  With TextBroker, I had an article reserved by a writer who didn’t write anything for several days.
  • With Text Broker, you can deposit money into your account at the time of the order, so you can only add as much as you’ll need.  But, rather than set an exact price at the beginning, they give you a maximum price.  So when your job is done, you’ll probably still have a balance in your account that you can’t take back out.
  • They run each article through an unspecified plagiarism checker to verify that your articles have no plagiarism.
  • Average cost of each 1,300-1,500 word article, written by their Expert level writers was $33.13

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