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Outsourced Writing

We used to recommend just a few writing companies that had done a great job writing content for us, but there have been so many writing companies and free lance writers who want us to test their services, that we just can’t anymore.

So we decided that the best way to test the services is by letting the Project 24 Community test them and give them reviews.  All of those reviews are in the Project 24 Community. If you are interested in a good writing company, go check out the Services Category in the Community, scroll through the posts and find the services people are using.

It is also important to understand that outsourcing some of your writing might make a lot of sense, but in nearly every case, we recommend that you write at least your first 30 articles yourself so you can learn the best writing methods, and become confident in your niche.

You should also know that outsourced content will never be perfect.  If you are expecting to pay for an article that is 100% ready to publish, you will be disappointed 99.9% of the time. Especially if your niche is technical or difficult for a beginner to understand. You should consider testing out a few content creators before dumping a ton of money into outsourced work. That way, you’ll know what quality to expect going forward.