Our Top Pick for Outsourcing Blog Posts: iWriter

After testing multiple content mills, we got the best results from using iWriter

Why we recommend iWriter: We spent several hundred dollars at multiple content mills to see which gave us the best blog posts back.  We paid $32 to have one of their Elite level writers produce each 1300-1500 word post.  We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing.  As long as your topic is not so specialized that a writer couldn’t research it to find enough info to write the post, we think it’s a good way to go.  We received all of our posts back within a week, but most of them were done in 3-4 days, which is a really impressive turn-around time.  They also do a full Copyscape check to make sure the writer didn’t plagiarize, and they are very upfront on their pricing.

What they could do to improve: Honestly, it’s about perfect for what we’d use a content mill for.  As long as it’s an easily researchable topic and you give the writer enough information on what you’re looking for, I think content mills can be a very effective way to outsource.  Just don’t expect to copy and paste the post onto your site and be done.  It’ll take a minute to add images, review the post to add your voice into it, etc.  

Compared to the competition: As I mentioned, we arrived at this recommendation after doing a head-to-head comparison of multiple content mills.  You can read that comparison here, but the long and short of it is that in the end, we liked iWriter the best.


Important Legal Notice: This page contains an affiliate link to iWriter.  We are compensated for our recommendation of this company.  However, we have personally paid for this service and we tested it head-to-head against other content mills (some of which also offer affliate programs) before choosing this one.