Our Top Pick for Outsourcing Blog Posts: TextGoods

After testing multiple content providers, we got the best results from using TextGoods.

Why we recommend TextGoods:

We spent over $1000 dollars ordering and critiquing TextGoods articles and we were very happy with the quality of articles they produced. The writers are trained to produce top quality work and if you are not completely satisfied with the finished product, they offer rewrites until you are satisfied with their work.

TextGoods is owned and operated by a Project 24 member who does business in an honest and caring way, making sure you are completely happy with the work provided. TextGoods writers have been trained using Project 24 methods making them extremely valuable to other Project 24 members.

What they could do to improve: Honestly there’s not much they can do to improve, it’s about perfect for what we’d use a content provider for. As long as you provide the writer with enough information on what you’re looking for, I think using content providers can be a very effective way to outsource. Just don’t expect to copy and paste the post onto your site and be done. You will need to take a minute to add images, review the post to add your voice into it, etc.

Compared to the competition:

As I mentioned, we arrived at this recommendation after doing a head-to-head comparison of multiple content mills. But the long and short of it is that in the end, we like TextGoods the best.