Our Top Pick for Stock Images: 123RF

THIS. IS. SO. COOL!  We LOOOVE our stock photo agency, 123rf.  The problem is that their plans are a bit expensive for new bloggers, but they have a FANTASTIC library of images.  So, we went to bat for you guys.  We contacted 123rf with a challenge.  If we could send them a bunch of bloggers, would they cut their prices and make a special deal for them?  They said yes!  So you can get 40 images (not credits) per month, for just $24.99/month from them.  That’s WAY cheaper than the 10 images for $30/month they advertise on their site.

To get the deal, email harold.abrego@123rf.com and tell him you’d like the Income School deal.  He’s a super friendly guy and can get you set up immediately.

Why we recommend 123RF: We love 123RF.  Given that we have our Creator Studio with dozens of writers, we go through THOUSANDS of stock images a year.  They have a VERY complete portfolio of images for sale.  Seems like we can always find the PERFECT image for each situation, and they are CHEAP compared to many other options.