Stock Images



Here are some of our best recommendations.  **Always look through the images before you sign up to see if they offer what you need.**


Dreamstime Images– Dreamstime is offering a special rate for Income School Followers. 40 downloads per month for $25. It is on a monthly renewal.


Canva Photos – $12.95 (USD) Provides unlimited access to 50,000,000+ images


Story Blocks – $5.00 (USD) 5 Downloads OR $9.00 (USD) Unlimited Downloads. There are 408,000 images in the library.


123RF – $30.00 (USD) 10 Downloads The library size is unspecified, but it is extensive.


If you are just getting started, finding cheap images that work for your site can be difficult.  If at all possible, take photos for your site. Even if the images aren’t as “beautiful” as the stock images, it is ok!  Using your own images will add personality and more importantly it shows that you actually have experience with what you are writing about.


**Step 21 provides more ideas for finding images.**