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Site: URL Not revealed yet.  All we can say for now is that it’s in the pets industry.  We aren’t revealing our Project Rexburg domains to the general public (We are showing them to our Project 24 students), because our popular Youtube channel would send too much traffic to the new site.  We don’t want an artificial bump in the rankings so we can test it organically and show REAL results.  Because we value transparency very much, we of course, will reveal this site after it’s had a full 8 months to rank on Google.  
Status: Under development.  Site should be completed on October 23, 2018.
Site Story: We were doing keyword research one day looking at keywords related to dogs and then we suddenly thought of this other pet that could make for a niche site.  We did the keyword research and sent this over to our team at Project Rexburg to do the writing.  This will be a pretty large site with 211 articles when completed.  We will reveal the URL to the public on July 4, 2018.

Status: Passive Niche Site
Earnings: Slightly over $8,000 per month in very passive income.  Earnings come mostly from ads, followed by Amazon affiliate.  We anticipate an approximately 20% drop to the income during winter months.
Site Story: Ricky and Jim have both worked on CamperReport.  The site started when Jim bought an RV and wanted to start a website to earn more than he’d spent on his RV (goal–completed!).  Jim wrote 35 articles on the site and let it sit for about a year, and by that time it was bringing in 100,000 pageviews per month.  Now, the site has retired full-time RVers writing for it that we hire to build up the site even bigger, and web traffic is SKYROCKETING.  We started a Youtube channel for this niche site with just a few, very poorly produced iPhone videos and some of those videos are now over 500,000 views, which helps drive traffic to this site.

Status: New passive income site.  We haven’t yet finished building this one out, but it does have about 50 articles and the traffic is on pace for performing very well.
Earnings: At last check it’s earning about $120 per month, but it’s perfectly on pace for what we’d expect to see on a site that is still this new.
Site Story: Ricky created this site because he’s always been interested in off-grid cabins.  His dad bought some land with a cabin and he’s been up there building with him, so he thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to build a niche site sharing what he learns.  The site is off to a good start.  We’re going to be adding another 55 articles to the site in November, 2018 via our Project Rexburg team.  You’ll be able to see the new articles on the site to get an idea of the quality we’re getting from that initiative.

Status: Established authority site.
Earnings: This site has produced millions of dollars of income over the last several years and continues to bring in significant income.
Site Story: Jim started this site 8 years ago and it has grown into a massive site.  For the story of this site, watch this Youtube video.  Jim spent many years running this site as his full-time work, but decided to turn this site passive and stop actively developing it in late 2017 so he can focus on the many other sites we have.  He now has a team of writers and a manager taking care of creating new content for the site.

Status: Niche site #fail
Earnings:  I think it earns like $20/month, LOL.  The site has only 10 posts on it so we haven’t given the site a fair shake, but so far we haven’t had much luck.
Site Story: We worked on this site together and the site has not done well.  There are two problems we made in building this niche site.  #1 We haven’t finished the site. 10 posts is WAY TOO SMALL to have a hope at a decent return.  We don’t consider any niche site done until it has at least 35-40 posts.  #2 We wrote scholarly articles titled “Home defense laws: Is it legal to kill a home intruder?” for a number of US states.  The articles were obviously about the law, but we fear Google flagged our site as being violence.  That was a mistake, and the reason why we haven’t continued with the site.

Status: Established authority site.
Earnings: Income School earns about $60,000 per month.
Site Story: Ricky and Jim have built income school very slowly over a period of years.  Most of the time we’ve been focused on working on our own niche websites and haven’t paid as much attention to Income School.  The site never really did anything until a year ago when Ricky and Jim started bringing their families together once per week for dinner, and then they’d sneak out and work for an hour on the site.
Working an hour a week, we built the site up to where it is today.  The site is EXPLODING with growth lately.  Our Youtube channel is adding 3,500 subscribers per month at its current rate, and the income is increasing very quickly.

Status: Established passive income website.
Earnings: This site is earning about $2,500 per month in passive income.
Site Story: We purchased DirtBikePlanet in Fall 2017 from a guy who listed the site for sale and we found it while googling blogs in our niche.  We purchased it for $7,000 because it was getting 30,000 pageviews per month, even though it was earning only $40/month.  We immediately saw the potential of the site, so we bought it and changed the monetization which has quickly brought up the earnings 8x in only a few months.
The site is just barely shy of 100,000 pageviews per month right now.  Usually, we like to see $1,000 of income from every 30,000 pageviews.  This site is underperforming right now.  We know what the problem is and as soon as we have time to fix it, we will.  We’re going to change ad networks, and add affiliate links throughout the site.  Once we do that I’m pretty confident we’ll be in good shape.  We’re excited about this site’s future.

Status: Established niche site
Earnings: This site is a personal religious ministry.  I have no monetization on the site.  I created it just to share the gospel with others, and it’s yet another example of how our proven method for creating sites can attract significant traffic to a blog without any link building whatsoever.
Site Story: This is my Sunday project.  Every once in a while on a lazy Sunday afternoon I take a question that people often ask about my religion and just write a blog post answering the question.  The site gets over 30,000 pageviews per month.  That’s REALLY cool to me to be able to share the gospel with so many people each month.  

Sites Completed and Sold for a Profit

Status: Sold to a new owner for $184,000.
Earnings: $5,392/month on average
Site Story: I purchased this site in 2014 from for about $32,000.  The site had a major flaw on it, causing most of the pages to be orphaned from the home page.  I bought the site recognizing the error and after fixing the site in a few hours, the traffic skyrocketed over the next two months.? I hired a high school kid to write a few articles, but I basically just held it for 3 years without doing any work on it and it maintained its rankings and high income.  The site was earning $5,392/month very consistently from Ads/Amazon and I finally decided to sell it.  The site sold for $184,000.  Check out this Youtube video I made when I offered the site for sale, which explains tons more detail about the site.  The site sold within two weeks of putting it up for sale and there were multiple interested parties.
Status: We no longer own this site as we gave it away to one of our Youtube viewers in a contest.
Earnings: The site only earned up to $400 per month.  That doesn’t sound impressive UNTIL you realize that the site only had 7 articles on it!  With only 7 articles, that’s pretty amazing to earn $400/month.
Site Story: The topic for this site was how to soundproof rooms in your home.  I had a home office where I recorded podcasts and wanted to be able to soundproof it so the noise from the kids playing wouldn’t make it onto the recording.  So as I was learning about this topic, I created this site to share my newfound knowledge and it became  It was boring to write about this topic, so I never wrote more than 8 articles on the site.  Still, the site earned up to $400/month just from those 7 articles.

Status: I sold this site and it is now run by a new owner under the domain name “”
Earnings: The site earned over $4,000 per month when the site was 16 months old.  The site is seasonal, however, so I sold it for $74,000.
Site Story: I (Jim) bought a beautiful 32′ pontoon boat and fell in love with it, but I didn’t know the first thing about boating.  I hated spending so much money on the boat, so I built this site with the goal of earning back what I’d spent on the boat.  I earned back my investment 3x in less than two years, so I was pretty happy with it 🙂  I only ever wrote 34 articles on the site, so 34 articles earned over $100,000 in income (given the selling price and amount I earned per month while earning it).  I eventually sold my boat and bought an RV (hence, so I also sold PontoonGuide.  It sold for $74,000 on less than two years after I built the site.