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Whew!! You made it! We are so glad that we are finally able to share everything we have with you. We want you to have success and reach your personal goals and in Project 24 we share everything we know. Below the video we have a couple steps to help you get started.  

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Our Mission

To teach people how to create an internet business through blogging and creating Youtube Channels

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Before you scroll down, would you be willing to help us out by answering a few questions? This survey will help us get to know you a little bit better so we can continue to improve your experience in Project 24.  Thanks!

Our Awesome Team

Ricky Kesler

Ricky Kesler

Founder & CEO

FUN FACT: Would call himself a “Suburban enthusiast.”

Julia Minor

Julia Minor

YouTube Channel Manager

FUN FACT: Favorite authors are J.M. Barrie and C.S. Lewis.

Nathan Aydelotte

Nathan Aydelotte

Service Director & Portfolio Manager

FUN FACT: Enjoys thrift store shopping for treasures in his spare time.

Jake Kesler

Jake Kesler

Terrain Treaders & YouTube

FUN FACT: I never go a day without eating potatoes.

Carissa Littleford

Carissa Littleford

Communications Director & Customer Support

FUN FACT: Could eat Italian food every day of the week. The more garlic the better.

Tanner Allen

Tanner Allen

Affiliate Manager

FUN FACT: Is a popcorn connoisseur

Andrea Cauffman

Andrea Cauffman

Videography & Design Specialist

FUN FACT: Has two corgis named after potato based snack food.

Cody Lockwood

Cody Lockwood

Videography & Creative Specialist

FUN FACT: If he were to start his own youtube channel, it would be making cartoon style animations.

Anna Silver

Anna Silver

Project 24 Manager

FUN FACT: Can make any dessert out of Monk Fruit and Coconut flour.

Let’s get you setup…

Step 1 - Join the Project 24 Community

You can access the Project 24 community right here by clicking on the “Community” tab.  It’s a great place to ask questions and get feedback.  Jim and Ricky are in there regularly.

You can also set up your phone with the app so you can contribute and learn from the community more regularly. 

  1. Download the “Discourse” app on the app store on your phone.  
  2. In the Discourse app, add the community which is  (be sure you type .net and not .com)
  3. Log in with the same Project 24 credentials you use to access this website.
  4. You’re all set!

Troubleshooting Instructions for Android

If you have trouble signing into the app for Discourse on Android, follow these steps:

-Download Discourse app via Play Store
-Log into account in Google Chrome
-open Discourse App after download
-input “” into top search bar
-Click Connect tab
-Click Authorize button
-Welcome & Enjoy

Or just switch to iPhone 😉

Step 2 - Subscribe to the Exclusive Project 24 Podcast

The Project 24 Podcast is a significant piece of the value you’ll get in Project 24.  This is where Ricky, Anna, Nate, and Nathan share exactly what’s working in online business right now.

In season 1 they revealed how they took from $2,000/month to $8,000/month in just two months.  In season 2, they give away all the details on Project Rexburg and how they scaled their business.

For complete directions on how to subscribe to the private Project 24 podcast, click here.


Step 3 - Make Sure You Know the Timeline and Set up your First Project

Setting Up your first Project

The My Story page is where you will track your success with your blog or your YouTube channel. You will be able to put all of your income and views in the tool to make sure you’re on track with your goals. Set up your first project here.

Everyone’s Project 24 will be a little different.  But our experience with our own sites and working with hundreds of other people on their sites enabled us to come up with a realistic timeline of what you can expect.

This timeline has been immensely helpful for so many members of Project 24.  It’s easy to get discouraged when you expect a result that’s taking longer than you thought.  That’s why tracking your progress on your “My Story” page, alongside our estimates can help so you don’t give up just before your website starts to take off!

Step 4 - Visit the Download Center

In the download center you can access everything we have for you to download.  You’ll get our custom plugin, helpful Excel sheets, and more.


Step 5 - Go to the Course Dashboard and start The Blogging System or The YouTube System

The course dashboard, like everything in Project 24, can be accessed via the main menu as soon as you’re logged in.  Or today, you can use these links: The Blogging System, The YouTube System.


Step 6 - Track Your Milestones

In Project 24, we celebrate your success at various milestones throughout your own Project 24 process.  Learn all about the milestones and let us know when you reach them here.


Step 7 - Go Sign-up for Our Masterminds

You’ll find our complete list of upcoming Mastermind events here.  Some events may be recorded for viewing later, but most will be live-only. Be sure to RSVP!

Mastermind Event Types:

Office hours: You will be able to ask questions about your business, and how to implement our system.

Group: You will be able to discuss things with other members.  One of the Income School personalities will be there to facilitate the discussion, but it won’t be a lecture or presentation.  It’s the time to learn from each other. 

Webinar: Webinars are a lecture style and sometimes (but not always) will be recorded.

Tips for Attending Masterminds:

1. Sign up for Zoom before the mastermind.

2. Show up a few minutes early your first time especially.

3. Be prepared to interact with other members and ask questions to get the most out of the events.

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