What are the Project 24 Milestones?

Milestones are monetary achievements reached by implementing Project 24 techniques on your website or YouTube channel. These milestones are not meant to designate income level or status, but rather are intended to track the impact the Project 24 program has made on your business.

Curry Day – Once your Project 24 site has earned $5 total, however you earn it, you have reached Curry Day.  You’ve basically earned enough to celebrate with a delicious bowl of Thai Curry!

$100 per Month – As soon as your site earns $100 in one month, you have earned the $100 per Month badge.

$500 per Month – Pretty straight forward, at this point you have earned $500 in a single month.

$1,000 per Month – Once you’ve earned $1,000 in a single month, you get this badge.

Full-time Income (Finisher) – How much a “Full-time income” is depends on your situation and country, so we established $4,000/month as our milestone.  You can get this badge if you started fresh in the course and built to that level, or if you had an existing site which something in the membership helped you to increase income by that amount.

Please report your milestones.  It helps everyone in the community to stay motivated!

New Project 24 Milestones Earned in 2023

All milestones listed below were reported by Project 24 members as earned in 2023. No previous year’s achievements are added in this count. (Updated November 2023)

Curry Day Earners

$1,000/Month Earners

$100/Month Earners

Full-Time Income Achieved

$500/Month Earners

2023 Curry Day Milestone Map

Servian, France

Cholet, France

Frankfurt, Germany

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Manitoba, Canada

Leander, TX, USA

Raleigh, NC, USA

London, UK

Texas, USA

San Salvador, El Salvador

Nashville, TN, USA

London, UK

Rome, GA, USA

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Wells, Tunbridge Wells, UK

Blumberg, Germany


Sydney NSW, Australia

East Petersburg, PA, USA

Washington, DC, USA

British Columbia, Canada

Poprad, Slovakia

Helmond, Netherlands

Retz, Austria

Tallassee, AL, USA

Mazara del Vallo, Trapani, Italy

Goch, Germany

Farmington Hills, MI, USA

Hong Kong

Helsinki, Finland

London, ON, Canada

Kentucky, USA


Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Devon, UK

Frankfurt, Germany

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Pine Island, NY, USA

Cincinnati, OH, USA

Langley, BC, Canada

Baltimore, MD, USA

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Georgia, USA

Texas, USA

Devizes, UK

Basking Ridge, NJ, USA

New Mexico, USA

Hancock, MI, USA

Massachusetts, USA

Leipzig, Germany

Kidderminster, UK

Agder, Norway

Ontario, Canada

Columbia, SC, USA

Portland, OR, USA

Worthing, UK

Ashmore, QLD, Australia

Oregon, USA

Sterling Heights, MI, USA


Rhode Island, USA

Knoxville, TN, USA

Chillicothe, OH, USA

Houston, TX, USA

Wisconsin, USA

Wandin North, Australia

Port Orchard, WA, USA

Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Madison, NJ, USA

Lillehammer, Norway

Banora Point NSW, Australia

All-Time Project 24 Milestones Reported

All milestones listed below were reported by Project 24 members since the program began in March 2018. All milestones are self-reported. (Updated November 2023)

Curry Day Earners

$1,000/Month Earners

$100/Month Earners

Full-Time Income Achieved

$500/Month Earners

Full-Time Earners by Region



Full-Time Earners



Full-Time Earners

The Caribbean & Central America


Full-Time Earners

East-Central Europe


Full-Time Earners

Middle East


Full-Time Earners

North America


Full-Time Earners



Full-Time Earners

South America


Full-Time Earners

Western Europe


Full-Time Earners