What are the Project 24 Milestones?

Milestones are monetary achievements reached by implementing Project 24 techniques on your website or YouTube channel.

Curry Day – Once your Project 24 site has earned $5 total, however you earn it, you have reached Curry Day.  You’ve basically earned enough to celebrate with a delicious bowl of Thai Curry!

$100 per Month – As soon as your site earns $100 in one month, you have earned the $100 per Month badge.

$500 per Month – Pretty straight forward, at this point you have earned $500 in a single month.

$1,000 per Month – Once you’ve earned $1,000 in a single month, you get this badge.

Full-time Income (Finisher) – Obviously “full-time income” means many different things to different people.  If you make $4,000 per month we say you’ve earned it, though.  We’ve gotta have SOME kind of number!  Congratulations!

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New Project 24 Milestones Earned in 2021

All milestones listed below were reported by Project 24 members in 2021. No previous year’s achievements are added in this count.

Curry Day Earners

$1,000/Month Earners

$100/Month Earners

Full-Time Income Achieved

$500/Month Earners

2021 Curry Day Milestone Map


Reston, VA, USA

Surin, Thailand

Ontario, Canada

Edmond, OK, USA



Loenen, Netherlands


Innsbruck, Austria

Andalusia, Spain

League City, TX, USA


Oregon, USA

Illinois, USA


Amersfoort, Netherlands

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Washington, DC, USA

Indiana, USA

Southington, CT, USA


Pierceton, IN, USA


Chicago, IL, USA

Birmingham, UK


Belgrade, Serbia

Idaho, USA

North Wales, UK

Berkeley Vale NSW 2261, Australia

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA



Pensacola, FL, USA

San Diego, CA, USA

Northern Ireland, UK


Aurora, CO, USA

California, USA

Brisbane QLD, Australia

Dacula, GA, USA

Toronto, ON, Canada

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Indiana, USA

St. George, UT, USA

London, UK


Versailles, France

Maui, Hawaii, USA

Cary, NC, USA

Manisa, Turkey

Washington, D.C., DC, USA

Scotland, UK


Eagle Mountain, UT, USA

London, UK

Dallas, TX, USA

Lincoln, NE, USA

New Zealand

California, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA