Project 12 Accelerator

Build Your YouTube Channel to Full-Time Income in 12 Months

What is the Project 12 Accelerator?

This is a one-time opportunity for Project 24 members who want to reach a full-time income in 12 months. We are looking for people who want to launch a brand new YouTube channel or an existing channel that is not yet monetized.
Project 12 will offer group twice-monthly mastermind calls with Income School team members Nate and Anna from January to December of 2021.
We are holding an in person event in March where Project 12 attendees will get the chance to meet the whole team including Jim and Ricky. Attendees will be able to learn the most up to date YouTube strategies and they will also get opportunities to collaborate with other Project 12 team members.
We are selecting a small group of serious applicants. We are looking for people who are committed to putting in the work to reach a full time income in a year.
We welcome all Project 24 members in all niches to apply. We are excited to see your applications! Please submit your application via video by Friday, November 20th.


Who can apply?

Any Project 24 member who: a) has an existing YouTube channel that’s NOT monetized with the YouTube Partner Program (earning ad revenue) yet, or b) is planning to start a totally new channel in a completely different niche from their existing channel

How are group members selected?

Applications are reviewed and selected based on their commitment and fit with the group dynamic

How much is it?

$99 a month for 12 months, with the first month’s payment due immediately after being informed of acceptance to the group (the first week of Dec 2020)

What's included?

Virtual meetings 2x a month during each calendar month of 2021, hosted by Nate/Anna

An in-person mini-conference in the Income School office in Boise Idaho, planned for mid March 2021 (note that participants will need to provide their own travel to and from the event, as well as lodging while there)

An exclusive chat group only for group members to collaborate, ask questions, and mastermind together throughout the duration of the year

What is the commitment?

We’re here to do our best to give you everything you need to reach $4000+ a month from your channel by the end of 2021.

We ask that you do your best as well. You’ll be expected to take full responsibility for you own channel’s success, as well as your time and focus to make that happen. If it ever feels like you’re not all-in, we’ll bring it up with you. If it’s not resolved, we’ll ask you to step out of the group to preserve the dynamic for the rest of the group.

You’ll also be expected to communicate with the group about EVERYTHING, every concern, success, feeling of dropping out, everything.

Because of this level of commitment, if a group member doesn’t show up to a meeting we’ll want to know. If it happens more than once it might be grounds for being removed from the group. 

Basically, you want to succeed, and we want you so succeed, so pony up and be committed and you’ll do great!

How much time will this take/month?

The video conference meetings will be <2 hours 2x a month.

The effort outside those meetings is largely determined by your personal schedule, but a good rule of thumb would be 1-2 hours a day, 5 days a week. Plan on taking the time you already were for Project 24, just in a more focused, directed way with YouTube

What are the details on the in-person event?

The primary goal of the in-person event is to up-level the mastermind element of the group, meaning we want you to be collaborating like crazy to build eachothers channels, and there’s not better way than meeting in-person.

We’ll also have a several timely topics to share for your individual channel, and Jim and Ricky will be presenting as well. 

Because of the above it is STRONGLY encouraged that you plan on being there. If that’s just not possible, we will be able to get you in virtually (it’s just very not ideal :).

Also the exact schedule for the event will be affected by the global state of health at that point, with the possibility of it being pushed out based on travel restrictions. 

What happens if I can't finish?

We get it, if things come up for some reason and you need to step down from the group, we’ll be sorry to see you go!

Because of the amount of time and focus we’re contributing each month we won’t be able to provide any refund for any payments made up to that point, nor will we be able to pick you back up in the future during the year when things have settled down for you, because the group will have progressed in their channels at that point. 

Are there any guarantees?

By now you know us well enough to know that we don’t guarantee ANY level of success with this, just like with Project 24 or any other programs we do. It takes hard work to make any venture succeed, and even then it might not work for a myriad of reasons.

We do commit to do our level best to help you succeed through our experience, and the support of other group members. We definitely intend to help you get the success you’re looking for, but in the end the results are on you!

What Happens After I’m Accepted

to the Project 12 Accelerator?

Step #1

After we’ve reviewed and love your application, you’ll receive an email from us letting you know you’re in

Step #2

In that same email you be given a link to get started on monthly payments. Filling that in will let us know you’re ready to go

Step #3

You’ll receive an official welcome email from us with instructions to get prepped for the Jan 2021 starting month.

Step #4

Go ahead and celebrate a little (or a lot!), then lace up your shoes because it’s gonna be awesome!

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