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Here’s what you get:

  • The Complete Podcasting Audio and Video Guide—a 3.5 hours audio course (also downloadable in video format) that teaches step-by-step what we’re doing different to launch podcasts with massive downloads that are attracting advertisers
  • Podcast Advertising Contract—a legal contract written by a lawyer that you can use with all advertisers for your podcast.  This alone would cost $250 or more if you had a lawyer write one for you. NOTE: Income School LLC is not a law firm. This is offered as a self-help legal resource. Always consult a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction.
  • Advanced Podcasting Setup Video Guide—a video walking you through the advanced podcasting setup used by Jim Harmer
  • Basic Podcasting Setup Video Guide—a video walking you through the basic podcasting setup used by Ricky Kesler for newer podcasts with a very limited budget

The Audio Guide includes topics like…

  • What it takes to earn $1,720 per podcast episode
  • Most podcasts fail – here’s how to get downloads
  • Advanced tips for making your show worth listening to
  • Making your podcast look and sound professional
  • Creative segment ideas for making your show more interesting to listen to
  • How to produce a video AND audio podcast at the same time to dramatically increase your listenership
  • How to find podcast advertisers or a podcast broker

No podcast is guaranteed to succeed, but I’ve learned the hard way how to make your podcast stand out from the crowd  Living off an income from podcasts and niche sites is FABULOUS, and I feel confident that this course will give you the information you need to turn your podcast into real income!

Buy now for $14.99

About the Creators of Podcast Advance

Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer have been friends for 16 years and have taken on Income School to share their passion for personal finance and providing for their families.

Jim Harmer is a prolific blogger and podcaster.  He is best known for his website, which has attracted tens of millions of visitors from all around the world.  Jim has built an extremely large and successful podcast called Improve Photography, as well as others.

If you’re a frequent Income School reader, you already know Ricky Kesler well.  Ricky is the main man here at Income School, and most of what you read here is his doing.  Ricky has an engineering degree from BYU and an MBA from UNC.  Ricky has built Income School to what it is today, as well as other niche sites in the fitness, business, and home security niches.