Osterclipped [oh-stur-klipt]
1. The brand name of an obscure quiche-flavored beer that is only ever found in bottles.
2. Simple past tense of osterclip.

Osterclip [oh-stur-klip]
1. To terminate one’s employment or otherwise do or threaten to do something negative to impact someone’s life, liberty, or anything they cherish—particularly when done due to incompetence, dislike, unsettling seriousness, arbitrary purposes, or lack of knowledge or appreciation of “The Office.”

Osterclipped is actually a word that was invented by an AI that we hired to write a blog post.  The prompt was “How to Cook Quiche?”

Here is an excerpt of the article that the AI wrote where they introduced this word to the English language.

The first thing that happened was I was looking for a bottle of beer named Quiche but my friend said she saw a lot of people in the office of our store. He said he had a Quiche bottle called “Osterclipped” in a bottle and he would tell me why and I would check if it was there. This bottle, he guessed there were some beers left waiting for me. The bottle opened over and the bottle was now gone.

Say what???

Check out the video where we show this experiment we did to test how well artificial intelligence can actually write a blog post, and if they’re a real threat to real humans.