Niche Site School


Having built many successful niche sites, I’ve learned that you can make so many mistakes in the first few weeks of a niche site that could doom your project from the beginning.  I often consult with clients who spent hundreds of hours on a niche site only to find out that their idea wasn’t easily monetizeable, or that the plan for generating traffic was not realistic.

For that very reason, we decided to create a niche site consulting service, and I wanted to make it inexpensive enough that anyone could do it.

Here’s how it works: After purchasing your consult, you’ll get an email with a survey so we can find out as much about you and your project as possible.  Tell us about your niche site idea or website and ask us how to build traffic quickly, some keywords that would be profitable for you to start with, and any questions you have about getting your site set up.  Then, we’ll review what you’re looking for and do some research for you.  We’ll record an audio mp3 of us talking through your idea and adding in the advice and tips we’ve learned by building many successful niche sites.

No niche site is guaranteed to succeed, but I’ve learned the hard way enough times that I can save you hundreds of hours of the same mistakes.  Living off an income from niche sites is FABULOUS, and I feel confident that I can help you get there with a consultation right at the start of your business to put you on the right track.

[visibility type=”visible-desktop”]Buy now and you can send in your info anytime, from any computer, at your convenience–no rush.[/visibility]  [visibility type=”hidden-desktop”]Since you’re visiting from a mobile device, we’ll send you an email after purchase so you can more conveniently upload information about you and your niche site from a computer at your convenience–no rush.[/visibility]

What You Get

  • A personal consultation from Jim or Ricky!  $99
    • Help in choosing a profitable niche idea, or feedback on your already-started site, and ideas for finding good keywords
    • You’ll get an audio mp3 from Ricky or Jim giving advice based on the info and questions you submit
    • 1-week turnaround
    • After purchase, you’ll receive an emailed short survey for you to ask questions about your site, tell us your interests and ideas, and your website address if you’ve already gotten started.
    • Fill out the survey at your convenience.
  • The 60-day Niche Site School – The exact step-by-step process we use to build successful niche sites!  $75
    • This is the meat of Niche Site School.  We’ll send you an email (almost) every day for 60 days with a specific task and detailed instructions to do each day to build your site up and get traffic.
    • This follows the EXACT recipe we follow in our business that has built many successful blogs
  • 2 months of chat support!  $60
    • Message us questions anytime, we’ll reply within 72 hours
  • Picking Profitable Niches Video Training – $15
    • This video lays out the exact process we use for picking profitable niches
    • You’ll get this video training before you send in your information for us to do your consultation.  It will teach you the basics of choosing a profitable niche without too much competition.

List Price – $249            Current Discounted Price – $199


Buy Now For Just $199!

How This Works

After purchase, you’ll be taken to a page (also emailed to you so you can fill it out later if you wish) where you can send us information for you and the ideas you’re thinking or problems you’re struggling with.

Once we receive your information, Jim or Ricky will put together your review within the time frame allotted (not including weekends or major US holidays).  The audio consultation will be emailed to you with an attached mp3 file which contains your consultant’s feedback.

At that point, you’ll start getting the 1 email (almost) every day for 60 days with a specific tutorial on what action to take that day to build your site.  For example, the first few days will teach you how to install WordPress and get your domain name and design your site (STEP-BY-STEP!  No technical knowledge needed).  The next week will show you how to find a killer keyword and article topic and how to write your content quickly, etc.

Our goal with this product is that at the end of the 60 days, if you follow the action item each day, you have a website that’s 100% ready to go and that I believe will generate traffic and money over time.

About Your Website Consultants

Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer have been friends for 16 years and have taken on Income School to share their passion for personal finance and providing for their families.

Between the two of us, we’ve created or own MANY MANY successful niche sites.  Some examples are,,,  We also have built this site, Income School, into a very successful authority site, and Jim owns one of the largest photography sites in the world at  Together, these sites have generated many millions of dollars in revenue over the last several years.

Jim Harmer is a prolific blogger and podcaster.  He is best known for his website, which has attracted tens of millions of visitors from all around the world.  Jim no longer publishes income reports due to legal concerns, but you can see his income report from a few years ago.  He has also built a small army of niche sites–some from the beginning, and others which he has invested in and grown.

If you’re a frequent Income School reader, you already know Ricky Kesler well.  Ricky is the main man here at Income School, and most of what you read here is his doing.  He has an engineering degree from BYU and an MBA from UNC.  Ricky has built Income School to what it is today, as well as other niche sites in the camping, business, and home security niches.

What’s a Review Like?

More than anything else, the feedback that we get from our students is that they want honesty!  They certainly don’t want to be chewed up and spit out, but they don’t just want a pat on the back.

We’re just like you.  We’ve obsessed over website ideas to the point of not being able to sleep.  We’ve sneaked over to the laptop every free second for years to work on our websites and we’ve reaped huge rewards because of it.  We know exactly what you need to do to start your business in the right direction.

We heard you!

We structure our mini-consultations to ensure that you don’t get the generic “just work hard and the site will magically grow” advice that you’ve heard a thousand times.  This is how our reviews go:

  1. A specific and informed opinion on your niche, or help selecting the right niche.
    1. Does the niche have a clear monetization strategy?
    2. What is the best strategy for gaining traffic in this niche?
    3. Should you approach your new site as an authority, or as a niche site?
    4. We’ll share with you some of the similar projects we’ve worked on and the challenges/opportunities we’ve found if we’ve owned a site in your niche.
  2. If you have several ideas you’re considering, our pick as to which one we’d pursue in your situation
  3. How we would approach SEO, blogging, podcasts, Youtube, and other marketing strategies to get the best returns for your work
  4. How to earn your first dollar within 3 months
  5. Best monetization strategies for the long haul, and what we think you could realistically earn in your first year.  (Remember that NO business is guaranteed, but we can give you at least some goals that we believe are reachable if you are diligent in your efforts)

The audio file you’ll receive from your reviewer is typically 8-10 minutes long (depending mostly on how much information you give us to work with), since the reviewer spends time looking through your information and doing research beforehand.

We’ve actually recorded a sample niche site consultation that you can download here.

Is This Real?!

Few sites even offer consultations in the make money online niche, because people who are earning a good income online typically aren’t willing to spend their time with newbies.  Those that do offer consulting typically charge thousands of dollars.

One of the goals we set at Income School from the very beginning is to offer the kind of advice and help that nobody else is willing to.  Help to those who are just starting their businesses who really just need a hand in getting started.   We want to do more than just get rich, we want to help others along the way.

Is the Consultation Worth the Money?

[pullquote cite=”Troy” type=”right” style=”font-size: 12pt”]”I just wanted to take this time to thank you both!!! Y’all really helped me overcome a fear that I had for so long. This is the most outstanding course I have ever taken and I’m so glad that I found Niche Site School online. I never thought in 60 days that I would be able to build a website from ground up all on my own. I have purchased in the past cookie cutter type websites from Flippa but never again! I will focus on content content content and build my site even more. Again, thank you both for everything!”[/pullquote]

That certainly depends on your preferences, but I will give you two examples just from the last few days of consultations I did for clients who got TREMENDOUS value and which saved them TONS of time:

Example #1: I consulted with someone who spent two years creating a health website on a .ca (Canada domain instead of a .com domain).  He didn’t realize that this meant his website would only rarely show up in Google for someone not in Canada.  Since he was trying to create general health information for people around the world, he shot himself in the foot and had no idea why his website wasn’t getting traffic.

Example #2: I also did a consultation this week for a lady in the United States who was creating a site reviewing computers.  It’s a good thing she did her consultation early on in the process, because I was able to warn her that Amazon only gives a 2% commission in the computers space, but an 5% commission for products in virtually any other niche, which would have made it extremely difficult for her to succeed.  The small amount she paid for the consultation was WELL worth that little bit of information.

Where Can I Learn More?

Check out this video with some more info and examples.