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Project 24

Project 24 is our complete program for helping you earn a full-time income online in just 24 months.  Signing up gets you a 12-month membership to Project 24!  Just use the button below to register now, or read on to learn more about Project 24.

Earn a full-time income Passively online

Want to learn how you can earn an income that could replace your job?  You’ve come to the right place.  Whether you’re looking to actually quit your job, or you just want to pay off debt and save for retirement, you can do it by learning to build income-generating websites.

It is fast and easy?  Not really.  It’s going to take some work and a bit of time.  But we have developed a simple and repeatable path to consistent, mostly passive income from websites you can build in only a matter of months.

Whether you’re a techie or a total beginner, we’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to build a website that attracts thousands of people every month and earns you an income.  We’ll show you how to use these websites to replace your full-time income in about 24 months.

It’s time to get started!

We’re Jim and Ricky

We’ve built several sites and it has completely changed our lives.  If you haven’t seen it, I invite you to watch this video to hear how Jim’s Project 24 impacted him and his family.

We’ve done this a few times and we want to show you how you can too!

Here are a handful of the sites we’ve built either from nothing or in a couple cases, from a site that we bought.


That’s where Project 24 Comes In

Project 24 is our completely immersive program designed to help you achieve the same success we have.  This isn’t a course.  This is an entire program.

Here’s what you get!

Our 60-step action plan we use on every site we build.

4+ more courses, teaching you exactly how we create great content and market our sites.  New courses are being added all the time, and you get access to all of them.  We’re not holding anything back!

Complete access to the Project 24 Community.? We’re hosting an exclusive community for Project 24 members where all of us, Jim and Ricky included, will be working on our sites and helping each other.  We’ve used this model in the last few months of Niche Site School and it was tremendously helpful.

If that’s all you got, it would be amazing!  You would have all the resources you need to build a successful site.  But we’re not done yet.

Here are a couple more bonuses we’re throwing in.

Bonus #1.  An exclusive Project 24 podcast that will be released in seasons.  Jim and Ricky will use your input and questions from the Project 24 community to record a podcast tailored to your needs.

Bonus #2.  Our regularly updated list of hundreds of ideas for website topics with our scoring system, ranked by score.  In many cases, you’ll even get our comments on what we think of the topic.

Courses included in Project 24

Who will benefit from this Program

Project 24 will benefit anyone who is interested in generating passive income.  Whether you’re a writer at heart or you don’t think your writing is any good, we can help you succeed.  Whether you have lots of experience building websites, or you only use a computer to check email, you can do this.

Here are just some of the situations you may be in that would benefit from Project 24.

You want to stop working for someone else, but you don’t have the thousands of dollars you need to start a business.

You want to earn some extra money to pay off debt.

You’re getting closer to retirement and the savings account isn’t as big as you hoped it would be

You just want a nicer lifestyle

You want to be able to travel, see the world, and not be tied to one location

Whatever your dream is, Project 24 will help you achieve it.  Join the community of people who are hard at work making their Project 24 dreams become realities.

Creating Your Own Site is easier than you think

It’s time to stop dreaming about what it would be like to have a great, passive side income.  It’s time to start making it happen.  Let us be your guides on your path to a full-time income online in just 24 months!

From a few of our STudents

While Niche Site School is a thing of the past, the concepts we taught there persist in Project 24.  In fact, Project 24 is built on the foundation we developed in Niche Site School.  It’s just bigger and better.

Listen to what a few of our students have said about their experience with Niche Site School.

“I decided to apply one of your tips to another site I built out over a year ago.  All I did was where I had Amazon images and ‘Check price at Amazon’ buttons, I changed to contextual links and made products personal recommendations rather than just sales links.  My conversions have gone through the roof!  In fact I have made x4 the sales with the same traffic.  nothing else changed.  Thanks so much.  Giving me even more incentive to keep going with my niche site.”

Francis Murphy

Niche Site School Student

“You guys have far exceeded any expectations I could have had.  And you can quote me on that!”

Boscoe Jones

Niche Site School Student

“Thanks for the time, Jim.  Soooo much to think about.  Really glad I have the chance to do it right from the start however, humbling as it all can be.  Almost wish we had spoken weeks ago instead of now.

Keep doing what you guys are doing.  It helps tremendously.”

Patrick Vishy

Coaching Client

“I wrote a pretty big article 3 months ago that just started ranking this morning.  So exciting.  For the past 3 months the article has been getting 1-2 pageviews a day, but at the time of this writing, I’m up to 41 pageviews just for today.  It’s very exciting.  Your advice/expertice/product WORKS!  Thank you!”

Barret Kincheloe

Niche Site School Student

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: No business is guaranteed to succeed.  The success or failure of your “Project 24” depends on your hard work and skill in creating a business.  While we make reasonable efforts to provide the information you need to start a successful online business, we in no way guarantee that your business will succeed.  Only you can create success for yourself.