More than 15 years ago, I scribbled down on a piece of paper a list of 50 things I want to do before I die.  Since then, I’ve changed some of the goals (I no longer want to be an astronaut, for example) but most of the list remains the same.  Enjoy.

Goals that I have already completed are underlined.  Goals that are not underlined are not yet completed.

Speak a foreign language fluently

Save someone’s life

Be a student body officer in college

See the northern lights

Read a dictionary from cover to cover

See a 49ers game in the stadium

Memorize 1,000 passages of scripture

Run a marathon

Go on safari in Africa

Have a story done about me on the news

Fly fish in Alaska

Sing a solo in front of two thousand people

Write a book that sells two thousand copies

Fall in love and get married

Play the guitar proficiently

Walk the Streets of Jerusalem

Earn five high school letters

Be a little league coach

Act in a musical

Buy a house with cash

Sing in a college choir

Have children

Hold a World Record

Hold an elected government position

Earn a doctorate degree

Write an autobiography–even if nobody reads it

Win a shooting sports competition

Ski on a black diamond run

Go to the Amazon Jungle

Shoot a deer with a bow and arrow

Climb the Eiffel Tower

Have a million dollars in my bank account

Serve a full-time, two-year religious mission

Serve a mission with Emily

Eat at Fogo do Chao in Brasil with Emily

Have six pack abs

Display my photography in a gallery

Party in Time Square on New Year’s

Compete in a barbecue competition

Swim in a shark cage

Participate in a serious competition with one of my kids on my team

Photograph a BSU football game from the sidelines

Invent something that sells 1,000 units

Own a jet ski

Watch every sunrise and every sunset for a month


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