Dates: May 21 – 24, 2019

Location: Boise, Idaho

Work with Jim, Ricky, and Freddy 

We’ll have a tiny 10:1 student-to-instructor ratio so you can work with Jim, Ricky, and Freddy directly all 4 days. Only 30 tickets are being sold.

Action-Oriented Activities

Yes, you’ll come home with a thousand IDEAS, but more importantly, we want you to come away with things DONE, and a specific action plan of how to grow.

Work in a Mastermind Group

The Immersion Program will only have 30 attendees.  Plus, we’ll be putting you in a mastermind group of only 5 people. 

No Basics

This Program is for people who already have a good grasp on the basics of creating good content, setting up WordPress, etc.  This is for people want to take things further.

Special Pricing Has Ended...








Regular Price Ticket: $3,000

How much does the Immersion Program cost?

The full cost of a ticket is $3,000.

What does the Immersion Program include?

See a complete agenda for what you’ll learn here. The Immersion Program includes 4 full days of instruction with Jim and Ricky.  They will be there the entire time.  Freddy, the manager at Income School’s Creator Studio is also planning to attend if we can make his schedule work.  He has a WEALTH of experience to share from running the daily operations of Income School’s Creator Studio.  

We are also paying for two of your meals while here (a breakfast and a dinner).

What is not included?

Travel to Boise, Idaho is pretty inexpensive.  There’s a major airport here, you won’t need a rental car, and lodging is inexpensive and abundant.

  • Airfare 
  • Lodging (Boise is pretty inexpensive city, and you have the option of sharing a room or an AirBnb with another attendee)
  • Meals (We’ll provide two of them)
  • Rental car (Probably not necessary.  We’ll be in Downtown Boise which is very walkable and you can get a hotel near (or in the same building as) our meeting space.

We haven’t yet nailed down the specific meeting space in downtown Boise for the event.  We’ll be emailing attendees no later than March 15 with where we’ll be meeting each day.  We’re working to get a group rate at a hotel so that you don’t have to travel at all to get to the meeting space each day.  

How much will I interact with Jim, Ricky, and Freddy?

Jim and Ricky will be in attendance for the entire event.  Freddy will also be in attendance but may need to step out for an hour here and there since he also has our Creator Studio to keep running. There are only 30 participants, and for many of our sessions, we’ll break into smaller groups so you can work even more intimately with Jim, Ricky, and Freddy

You’ll present your site in the Income Tank at some point during the Program to get a specific review of your site from Jim or Ricky, and you’ll have HOURS AND HOURS of time together to ask them questions.

You’ll definitely be on a first name basis by the end of the event.  This isn’t a 1-on-1, but it’s a pretty small group.

What Happens After Purchase?

Immediately after purchase, you’ll be given a link to a survey to fill out.  The survey is your opportunity to tell Jim and Ricky about you, your website, and what you want to learn.

After the survey, you’ll be invited to a chat group on GroupMe so that you can be in contact with the other attendees before the event, and so you can get any information you need.  You’ll always know exactly what’s going on.

If you’re NOT a Project 24 member, we’ll contact you within a few days to set up a phone call (if needed) to make sure your site is to a point where this would be a beneficial program for you and that you have the basic knowledge of internet marketing already.

Travel Information

Arrival/Departure Times: We advise that you arrive in Boise on Monday, May 20.  We’ll start first thing on Tuesday.  Our last event is on Friday night.  We suggest you fly out on Saturday, May 25.

Airport: Fly into the Boise International Airport (BOI).  It’s about a 10-minute drive to downtown Boise where we’ll be holding the event.  Grab an Uber if you don’t want a rental car (you won’t really need one).

Lodging: Hold off on this one for now.  We’re still working on nailing down the venue, but we will be in downtown Boise.  We’ll get everyone the details by March 15 and will email them out.  

Travel Notice: If you are a Project 24 member and can bust through to finish the 60 steps before the first day of the Program, you’re good to book your travel.  If you haven’t taken Project 24, buy your ticket now and fill out the post-purchase survey.  We’ll need to call you to make sure you have the knowledge and that your site is where it needs to be in order to attend this event.

Information About Your Ticket

Ticket sales are non-refundable.  If you purchase a ticket and later choose not to come to the event, you may sell your ticket to a candidate that meets the qualifications to attend the event.

If you purchase your ticket in 2 payments, the first payment is due today.  This initial payment is not a deposit.  In consideration for your first payment, Income School LLC will not advertise your ticket for sale.  A second payment will be due by April 10, 2019.  We will email you with plenty of notice to set up the second payment.  If the second payment is not received by April 10, 2019, you forfeit your initial payment and your ticket.  We’re not out to get anyone and will make reasonable efforts to accommodate, but if you only pay the initial payment but not the second, we lose money that we counted on which isn’t fair to us.

After April 10, the 2-payment option will no longer be available.

Project 24 Members are the people best suited to come to this Program.  You already understand our process and have your site set up in a way that will work.  However, between now and the first day of the Immersion Program, we’d ask you to finish the 60 steps.  It’s TOTALLY fine if you don’t have traffic or income yet (or if you do), but we want you to bust through the 60 steps so we have a good foundation of content.

The reason we ask you to finish the 60-steps before the first day of the Immersion Program is that, frankly, if you haven’t yet gotten there yet, then your time is best spent at a laptop cranking out the hard work.

Also, please note that two or three of the sessions at our Immersion Program will be filmed and made available in Project 24 afterward.  If you just want to get a couple highlights from this event, then you might just watch those videos and call it good.  However, attending the Immersion Program will give you FOUR FULL DAYS of action on your site, plus the ability to work directly with Jim and Ricky.

One last thing, we do reserve the right to disqualify anyone (including a Project 24 member) if your niche is just in TOO much of direct competition with ours.  It just wouldn’t be possible to be fully transparent with analytics and such if that were the case. 

We aren’t making a hard-and-fast rule that you have to be a Project 24 member before attending the Immersion Program, but if you haven’t taken Project 24, you’d probably get more value out of taking that course FIRST.  

We want to make sure everyone in the Immersion Program has the basics of internet marketing down so that we don’t have to spend time during the program going back to explain things that could have been learned in our online course.

If you purchase a ticket but aren’t a Project 24 member, we’ll just set up a quick phone call with you first to see your site and make sure it’d be a good fit.  DO NOT buy your plane ticket or accommodations until we’ve talked with you after purchase to confirm your registration.  We’ll be in contact with you quickly after you submit your survey.

Obviously, if you purchase a ticket and we couldn’t qualify you for this event, then you’d get a 100% refund.

If you need help figuring out how to configure WordPress, how to write your first blog post, or the very basics of SEO, then this Program isn’t for you.  This course is more for someone who has their site up and running with at a good batch of content on the site. 

If you’re a beginner, we recommend taking Project 24.  When you finish the 60 steps, even if your site doesn’t yet have traffic and income, you’ll be ready for the Immersion Program. 

What could your site become if you added Jim and Ricky’s expertise, and your massive action?